Document Storage Kit 9x12: Black

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Publisher: Albox Australia

Do you have a whole heap of letters, documents, certificates, or even larger that should be filed? And, filed safely?

This Document Storage Kit comes with a binder and slipcover, together with 25 9"x12" size polypockets. Both the binder and pockets are archival quality so your know your documents will be safe, as there is no acid in the materials. And having the slipcover ensures that your documents are safe from dust, light and bugs. 

The 3-ring binder has a 40mm spine, and can hold up to 50 pockets. The pockets are made of 60 micron polypropylene, and the internal dimensions of the pockets are 228 x 310mm (9"x12"). These are just a little bigger than A4 size, so if you don't want it snug in an A4 pocket, this is a good option as if gives you a few millimetres extra.

The Kit is available in Black, Blue, Charcoal Grey, and Light Grey.



Document Storage Kit A4: Black
Document Storage Kit A4: Blue
Document Storage Kit A4: Charcoal Grey
Document Storage Kit A4: Light Grey
Document Storage Kit 9x12: Blue
Document Storage Kit 9x12: Charcoal Grey
Document Storage Kit 9x12: Light Grey



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Document Storage Kit 9x12: Black


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