Blinco From Hedgerley to Australia: An Account of Henry and Alfred Blinco's Migration and Resettlement in Australia

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 242 pages
Author: Blencowe Families Association
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9780646585864
Other: b&w & colour photos
Publisher: Blencowe Families Association

Two Blinco brothers from Hedgerley in Buckinghamshire, England, left English farm life to become successful father figures for a vast family spread across Australia. This account details their origins, migration and resettlement in Western Australia and Queensland, Australia.

This book seeks to present an account of Henry and Alfred’s early life in England, their migration to Australia and what became of their children, all born in this new country.  The scope of this collaborative study has therefore been limited to:
 - Thomas Blinco and his wives, Elizabeth Cull, and Elizabeth Salter;
 - Henry and Alfred Blinco, their siblings; and the first Australian born children to Henry and Alfred Blinco.

As with most family histories, more is known about the younger generations than their predecessors. Much of the content presented for the older generations has been derived from historical documents.  For the younger generation, family lore has allowed an embellishment of the records to personalise their characters.  Where possible, facts are cited to government records or publicly available researched and/or published references to allow the reader, to trace the original material should further study be embarked upon in the future.  Where conclusions have been reached using family lore, or have been speculated by the authors, they have been clearly identified as such.

Information has been sought for this book from all members of the family through all avenues and publications, such as the Blencowe Families Association newsletter.  Sketch maps of relevant localities in Western Australia and southeast Queensland are provided for general reference.

 - List of Contributors
1. Introduction
 - Scope of Study
2. Origins of the Blinco Name and Family
3. Blinco's of Hedgerley
4. The Family of Thomas Blinco
5. The Blinco Migration to Australia
 - Alfred's Life in England and Migration to Queensland in 1854
 - Henry's Life in England and Migration to Western Australian in 1864
6. Life in Australia
 - Henry Blinco in Western Australia
 - Alfred Blinco in Queensland
 - Interaction Between the Blinco Brothers
7. The First Generations
Of Henry and Eliza in Western Australia
 - Alfred Hanry Blinco
 - George Frederick Blinco
 - Henry (Harry) Blinco
 - Francis Thomas Blinco
 - Edward Blinco
 - Eliza Blinco
Of Henry and Martha in Western Australia
 - John Blinco
 - Esther Agnes and Unnamed Brother Blinco
 - Ann Daisy Blinco
Of Alfred and Marian Blinco in Queensland
 - Thomas William Blinco
 - Emily Caroline Blinco
 - James Alfred Blinco
 - Charles Henry Blinco
 - George Frederick Blinco
 - John Walton Blinco
 - Louise Julia Blinco
 - Emma Helena Blinco
 - Rose Mary Blinco
 - Jane Elizabeth Blinco
 - Lucy Katherine Blinco
 - Marian Dinah Blinco
8. The Families Today
 - Descendants of Henry
 - Descendants of Alfred
Appendix A. Sketch Maps of Blinco Races in Southeast Queensland and Western Australia
Appendix B. Transcription of Purchases by Alfred and Marian Blinco
Appendix C.


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Blinco From Hedgerley to Australia: An Account of Henry and Alfred Blinco's Migration and Resettlement in Australia

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