Australia Twice Traversed

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 416 pages
Author: E. Giles
Year: (1889) 1995
ISBN: 0859052060
Other: sketches, appendix, index, b&w fold-out map
Publisher: Hesperian Press

In 1872 Ernest Giles set out to explore Central Australia, and was subsequently inspired to cross Australia from east to west in 1875-76. This is a record of these historic expeditions.

This facsimile copy published in 1995, as a copy of the original 1889 edition, gives the original journals of the field notes, from which the present narrative is compiled, were published, as each expedition ended, as parliamentary papers by the Government of the Colony of South Australia.

"The journals of the first two expeditions, formed a small book, which was distributed mostly to the patrons who had subscribed to the fund for my second expedition. The account of the third, found its way into the South Australian "Observer," while the records of the fourth and fifth journeys remained as parliamentary documents, the whole never having appeared together. Thus only fragments of the accounts of my wanderings became known; and though my name as an explorer has been heard of, both in Australia and England, yet very few people even in the Colonies are aware of what I have really done. Therefore it was thought that a work embodying the whole of my explorations might be acceptable to both English and Colonial readers." - as quoted by Ernest Giles in Author's Notes in this book

Author's Notes

Book 1
Chapter 1.1 From 4th to 30th August, 1872
Chapter 1.2 From 30th August to 6th September, 1872
Chapter 1.3 From 6th to 17th September, 1872
Chapter 1.4 From 17th September to 1st October, 1872
Chapter 1.5 From 1st to 15th October, 1872
Chapter 1.6 From 15th October, 1872 to 31st January, 1873

Book 2
Chapter 2.1 From the 4th to the 22nd August, 1873
Chapter 2.2 From 22nd August to 10th September, 1873
Chapter 2.3 From 10th September to 30th September, 1873
Chapter 2.4 From 30th September to 9th November, 1873
Chapter 2.5 From 9th November to 23rd December, 1873
Chapter 2.6 From 23rd December, 1873 to 16th January, 1874
Chapter 2.7 From 16th January to 19th Feburary, 1874
Chapter 2.8 From 20th Feburary to 12th March, 1874
Chapter 2.9 From 12th March to 19th April, 1874
Chapter 2.10 From 20th April to 21st May, 1874
Chapter 2.11 From 21st May to 20th July, 1874

Book 3
Chapter 3.1 From 13th March to 1st April, 1875
Chapter 3.2 From 2nd April to 6th May, 1875

Book 4
Chapter 4.1 From 6th May to 27th July, 1875
Chapter 4.2 From 27th July to 6th October, 1875
Chapter 4.3 From 6th to 18th October, 1875
Chapter 4.4 From 18th October to 18th November, 1875

Book 5
Chapter 5.1 From 18th November, 1875, to 10th April, 1876
Chapter 5.2 From 10th April to 7th May, 1876
Chapter 5.3 From 7th May to 10th June, 1876
Chapter 5.4 From 11th June to 23rd August, 1876
Chapter 5.5 From 23rd August to 20th September, 1876


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Australia Twice Traversed

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