Arrivals in Australia from 1788 - EBOOK

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Media: EBOOK - download
File Format: PDF, 4MB (140 pages)
Author: K. Farmer
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781921956270
Other: b&w & colour photos, glossary, appendixes, index
Publisher: Unlock the Past

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This book introduces the history and records of migration to Australia from 1788.

Migrating to a new country was one of the most dramatic life changes anyone undertook and it certainly affected the lives of their descendants. Investigating their journey is a key part of your family history research.

However immigration records in Australia are not all held in one place - when, where and how they arrived affect where (and whether) records of their arrival can be found. Understanding categories of arrivals and the immigration schemes in place as well as the general principles of where documents are held, will give you confidence that you have looked in all the right places.

This title is NOT a listing of names and their arrival details, but rather a research guide to direct you to archives, repositories and others that hold records relating to Australian immigration.

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1. Discovering a migrant ancestor
 - Were they a convict?
 - Were they crew?
 - Were they in the military?
 - Did someone help with their migration costs?
 - Why did they come?
 - When did they come?
 - Which government authority?
 - Which route?
 - Domestic or international shipping?
 - Where did they come from?
 - Passengers from UK
 - Passengers from Hamburg
 - Passengers from Bremen
 - The Danish Emigration Archives
 - National Archives of the Netherlands
 - Naturalisation and citizenship
 - Passports
 - Born at sea
 - Risks of long voyages
 - Newspapers
 - Diaries
 - Subscription websites and findmypast
 - Why can’t I find them?
 - Websites mentioned in Chapter 1
 2. Convicts
 - Websites for researching convicts
3. Crew
 - Websites for researching ships’ crew
4. Military
 - Websites for researching military migrants
5. New South Wales
 - Immigration history
 - Arrivals
 - Departures
 - Naturalisations
 - Websites for NSW immigration
6. Van Diemen’s Land / Tasmania
 - Immigration history
 - Arrivals
 - Departures
 - Naturalisations
 - Websites for Tasmanian immigration
7. Victoria
 - Immigration history
 - Arrivals
 - Departures
 - Naturalisations
 - Websites for Victorian immigration
 8. Queensland
 - Immigration history
 - Indexes and passenger lists
 - Naturalisations
 - Websites for Queensland immigration
9. South Australia
 - Immigration history
 - Indexes and passenger list
 - Naturalisations
 - Websites for South Australian immigration
10. Northern Territory
 - Immigration history
 - Indexes and passenger lists
 - Naturalisations
 - Websites for Northern Territory immigration
11. Western Australia
 - Immigration history
 - Indexes and passenger lists
 - Naturalisation 
 - Websites for Western Australian immigration
12. Commonwealth of Australia
 - 1901–1921
 - 1921–1945



Arrivals in Australia from 1788 - book

22 Reviews
  • Arrivals in Australia

    Posted by Raymond Hollis on 13th Oct 2023

    Have only skimmed through it at the moment but it seems to have a lot of the relevant information I need to continue my family genealogy research.

  • Great information

    Posted by Ray Howard on 21st Jul 2023

    I thought the book would have been more helpful with names but has excellent info on sites to obtain all information.

  • Arrivals in Australia from 1788

    Posted by Pam Foenander on 14th Dec 2022

    Great informative book, very good for referencing.

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Arrivals in Australia from 1788 - EBOOK

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