An Inquiry into the Genealogy and Present State of Ancient Scottish Surnames

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (326 pages)
Author: W. Buchanan
Year: (1820) 2003
Publisher: ScotPress

William Buchanan's groundbreaking book "An Inquiry into the Genealogy and Present Stare of Ancient Scottish Surnames" was one of the first of the great histories of the Highland clans. Originally published in 1723, it predated James Logan's "The Scottish Gael" by more than a century and Frank Adam's "The Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands" by nearly two.

Buchanan's primary purpose in writing the book was to present the history of his own family of Buchanan; his "Historical and Genealogical Essay upon the Family and Surname of Buchanan" comprises over half the book. But he did as well provide histories of the following clans: MacDonald, MacDougal, MacNeil, MacLean, MacLeod, Mac-Intosh, MacPherson, Robertson, MacFarlane, Cameron, MacNauchtan, MacGregor, Colquhoun, Lamont, and MacAulay. He also included a transcription of "The Geneologies of the Chieff Clans of the Iles: Collected by Me, Sir Donald Monro, Heigh Dean of the Iles", which in turn gave early information about: Clan Donald, the Earls of Ross and Abbots of Ferne, and Clan Gunn, Clan Leod, and Clan Leandris (now surnamed Ross).

The Buchanan section provides detailed information about the main branch of the family, as well as the collateral branches of Auchmar, Spittel, Arnpryor, Drumikill, Carbeth, Lenny, Auchneiven, Miltoun, Cashill, Arduill, Sallochie, and the septs of MacAuslan, MacMillan, MacColman, MacMaurice, MacAndeoir, MacChruiter, and MacGreusich.

This CD consists of scans of the original book, which can be browsed, enlarged and printed if required. Please note: it is not searchable.

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An Inquiry into the Genealogy and Present State of Ancient Scottish Surnames


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