Victorian Government Gazette 1865

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (3119 pages)
Year: (1865) 2007
ISBN: 9781921230059
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

So you've heard of Government Gazettes ... but do you really know what they are? In short the Government Gazettes were weekly newspapers (although there were extra issues produced from time to time), that contain fascinating information, both historical and genealogical.

Information such as land transactions, legal notices, insolvency and bankrupt notices, ecclesiastical and next of kin notices, impoundments, private notices, patent applications, absconders and deserters, as well as missing people, partnerships, licences, contracts, government institutions and positions, private advertisements, statistics and much more. So if you've got an interest in Victoria during this period - you're bound to find something of interest.

Government Gazettes are a much underused source, partly because of their availability (you would usually only find them in select archives offices or libraries), and partly because people don't know about them. Now that Archive CD Books Australia has started releasing them on CD-ROM, everyone has access to this amazing resource.

This CD-ROM contains all issues that were release in Victoria for the year 1865.


Dog Van
Tenders will be received until Noon on Monday, the 9th January, 1865, for the purchase of the Van formerly used by the Police Department in conveying unregistered dogs. The vehicle can be inspected at Richmond Police Depot on application to the sergeant on duty. Tenders, sealed, and marked, "Tenders for purchase of Dog Van," to be forwarded, addressed to the Chief Commissioner of Police, Melbourne.
J. McCulloch,
Chief Secretary's Office,
Melbourne, 23rd December, 1864

Private Advertisements
James Peter Hill, Deceased
Pursuant to the Act of Parliament of the colony of Victoria, 24 Victoria No. 112, section 22, intitules, An Act to Amend the Law of Property and for other purposes, notice is hereby given that all creditors, as well as mortgagees as other creditors, and other persons having any claims or demands against or upon the estate of James Peter Hill, later of Daylesford, in the colony of Victoria, surgeon, deceased, who died on or about the eight day of April, One thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, and letters of administration of whose estate and effects were granted by the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria, in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, on the 2nd day of March, One thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, to William Henry Brooke, of Melbourne, merchant, attorney under power for James Peter Hill, the father and next of kin of the said intestate, are hearby required to send particulars of such claims or demands, on or before the 1st day of May next, to Messrs. Bronckhorst and Smale, of 105 Collins street west, Melbourne aforesaid, solicitors. And notice is hereby given that after the said first day of May next the said William Henry Brooke will proceed to distribute the assets of the said James Peter Hill, deceased, among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the claims of which the said William Henry Brooke may then have had notice; and the said William Henry Brooke will not be answerable or liable for the assets, or any part thereof, so distributed to any person of whose claim he shall not then have had notice.
Dated this 16th day of March, 1865
Bronckhorst and Smale
Proctors for the said William Henry Booke.
No. 969

Child Murder
Fifty Pounds Reward
Whereas on Friday, the 10th of November instant, the body of a Male Child, enclosed on a piece of white calico and some brown paper, was found in a yard in Collins street, Melbourne: And whereas at an inquest held over the deceased a verdict has been returned of Wilful Murder against some person or persons unknown : Notice is hereby given that a reward of Fifty pounds will be paid by the Government for such information as shall lead to the conviction of the person guilty of causing the death of the deceased.
J. McCulloch,
Chief Secretary.
Chief Secretary's Office,
Melbourne, 30th November, 1865.

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Victorian Government Gazette 1865


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