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Year: 2020
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The introductory price (10% discount) applies until 31 March 2024.

Reunion is a genealogy software program for the Macintosh, that has been around since 1988, so that in itself tells you that it's a good program. However as a user of the program, I'm sure you already know that.

You'd also be aware that Reunion lets you document, store, and display information about your family, allowing you plenty of space for notes, adding in your sources, and lets you add in photos, audio and videos to your program, as well as being able to present your family graphically using reports and large wall charts.

NEW FEATURES IN VERSION 14 - Reunion 14 is a major upgrade from version 13, and contains plenty of new features and updates. Here are details of a few of them:
(to see this list along with screen illustrations click here)


  • Link media to events, facts and marriages. Media can be linked to individual event, fact and marriage fields using the new media panel that appears in the Edit Person and Edit Family window.
  • Reunion can create Custom Report Sections for books, web projects, and word processors. A custom report section (or custom section) is a compilation of information about a specific aspect of the report you’re creating. Custom sections are optional. You choose which ones to include for each report.
  • Find / Find & Replace in person & family notes, free-form text and in sources and logs.
  • Noteboard for viewing, searching, and editing a single note or a group of person and/or family notes from a separate window.
  • Customizable settings for sidebar lists. Display more lines per row and preferred pictures in sidebar lists.
  • Bookmarks Sets for maintaining different categories of bookmarks.
  • Couples Sidebar for displaying couples in the sidebar.
  • Hourglass Chart - A chart showing the ancestors and the descendants of a source couple.
  • Everybody Chart - The most comprehensive chart of them all.
  • Improved Chart Frames - Many decorative chart border options to choose from. 
  • Coordinate Grid for charts - Grid coordinates can be used to locate people on large charts.
  • Character, word, and paragraph count added to person/family notes, free-form source fields and logs.
  • Free form text tools added to person/family notes, free-form source fields and logs for cleaning up free-form text fields.
  • Strikethrough attribute added to person/family notes, free-form source fields and logs.
  • Added "Today" button to person/family notes and free-form source fields for quickly adding a new line with today's date.
  • Find Relationship Options window for selecting chart box contents in the Find Relationship panel.
  • Thumbnails Window...New Picture frame options. Search box can be used when showing thumbnails for sources.
  • Menu added to the people search box at the top of the Sidebar and Lists window...Select from 3 search formats: ‘lastname, firstname’ - ‘firstname, lastname’ - ‘any name’. Select from the 20 most recent searches.
  • Relatives Sidebar and Relatives List settings...Added separate Ancestor and Descendant generations options. Enhanced the generational list filtering based on continuous blood lines. (For example: First cousins will be listed for Ancestor generations of 2+ and not for 1.)
  • Places Sidebar and Places List window. Additions to the place usage list...Option to show birth & death date for people. Option to show event date. Option to show person’s age at the time of an event.
  • Share/print current or all notes fields for a person or family.
  • Sources Sidebar and Sources List - menu in the search box...20 most recent searches are remembered. 3 search types have been moved from the Show menu to the Search box menu.
  • Edit Source: Share current source.
  • Edit Source:Keyboard shortcut for changing the current source number field...shift-cmd-up to go the next source. shift-cmd-down to go to the previous source.
  • shift-cmd-home (also, shift-cmd-left) to go to the first source. shift-cmd-end (also, shift-cmd-right) to go to the last source.
  • Logs Window...Improved text finding for current log or all logs.
  • Added find & replace for current or all logs. Added free-form text tools. Added import button. Added support for strikethrough text.


  • Chart Index - For navigation by name, printing lists of people in the chart, and seeing the names of people in a branch or subchart.
  • Chart Orientation suggestions with preview of chart sizes.
  • Decorative frames and dividers added to charts.
  • New shapes in charts.
  • Images and shapes can be rotated.
  • Images can be flipped horizontally or vertically.
  • Improved resize handles for pictures and shapes.
  • Improved line object in charts..Lines can be curved. Additional line patterns. Improved line terminators. Support for shadows behind lines.
  • New frame choices for pictures in charts.
  • New frame choices for pictures in chart boxes.
  • New "Entire chart" selection mode - helpful when editing everybody charts.


  • Person Sheets format for the Book Report - Create a book report of person sheets for selected people.
  • Quickview and family file navigation available in the Book project window.
  • Shapes, lines, frames and dividers added to book project editor.
  • Text and images can be rotated in books.
  • Images can be flipped in books.
  • More picture frame options for pictures.


  • More flexible Contacts section for web projects.
  • New Other Links section for web projects.
  • Web Preview button in the Web Settings window.
  • Simplified Web Settings > Reports > FilesRemoved the flat option. Flat is no longer supported, it was for old web hosts that did not support folders. Removed the Case option. Only lowercase is used. This option was for older web hosts that required uppercase file names. Removed text encoding. UTF-8 will always be used. All web browsers now support UTF-8. 
  • Selectable Couple delimiter - For all of Reunion's reports, books, and web pages.
  • When listing siblings in menus, the primary spouse of each sibling is included.
  • Added a Clear history option to the History menu.
  • GEDCOM 7.0 & GEDZIP.
  • Dark mode support.

WHEN WILL I GET MY DOWNLOAD VERSION? - Please allow up to two working days for us to process your order, and send you an email with your licence details.

TRY IT OUT - Reunion is a program that allows you to try it out before buying - so if you want to check it out, you can download the demo from here (221MB). The demo is just that, but it is enough to see how it works. The limitations of the demo are that only 50 people can be entered in a family file, the Import/Export is disabled, charts and slideshows can't be saved, and printed output will be watermarked. But that still gives you plenty of things you can do to see if Reunion is the program for you.

20 REASONS TO BUY REUNION 14 - Click here

If you purchased Reunion 13 from us on or after 1 September 2023, you are entitled to a free upgrade. To confirm your purchase of an earlier version, and the purchase date, send an email to and attach a dated receipt (or scan of same) showing that you purchased Reunion 13 from an Gould Genealogy on or after September 1, 2023.

USEFUL LINKS - To visit the publisher's website click here
To view the What's New in Reunion 14 click here
To view the Reunion tutorial videos click here

macOS 10.9 or newer.
If you plan to use ReunionTouch on your iOS device(s), then your Mac will need macOS 10.13 or newer.


2 Reviews
  • Reunion 13

    Posted by A.P. "Nol" van den HUrk on 17th Feb 2021

    Among all the geneaology software I saw since I started in 1990, Reunion is for me still the very best.

  • Reunion 13

    Posted by Barry Slatter on 12th Jan 2021

    The upgrade from Reunion 9 is fantastic.

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