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Year: 2020
Publisher: Leister Productions

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Reunion is a genealogy software program for the Macintosh, that has been around since 1988, so that in itself tells you that it’s a good program. However as a user of the program, I'm sure you already know that.

You'd also be aware that Reunion lets you document, store, and display information about your family, allowing you plenty of space for notes, adding in your sources, and lets you add in photos, audio and videos to your program, as well as being able to present your family graphically using reports and large wall charts.

NEW FEATURES IN VERSION 13 - Reunion 13 is a major upgrade from version 12, and contains plenty of new features and updates. Here’ are details of a few of them:

- The Change Log feature keeps track of every change made to a family file - NEW
 - Connections lets you connect people to other people whose role might be godfather, friend, witness, neighbor, executor, someone who was residing at the same address. These connections aren't required to be related by blood or marriage - NEW
 - More powerful Find feature: one small search box that searches everywhere - UPDATED
 - The Bowtie Chart has been added to the charts, and allows you to print out up to 12 generations – NEW
 - The old feature "Find Relationship between two people" has been renamed to "Find Relationship" and it has been improved to instantly show a graphic relationship tree and the relationship.
 - Color Tags have a dedicated sidebar, with new enhancements. - UPDATED
 - HEIC file support has been added. This is the file format adopted by Apple in newer iPhones. So if you snap a picture of a document or person with a newer iPhone, Reunion handles the image happily. - NEW
 - The Multimenu is a new button and menu that appears in several places, for example, above Note fields. The Multimenu will show the connections, web links, source citations, and email links in a note field, making it easy to reveal any of these items buried in a large body of note text. - NEW
 - The new Text Mode menu offers much greater ability to control and customise the appearance of text in chart boxes - NEW
 - When the family view includes "Other spouses" or "Other children," those names can be clicked to navigate. This makes it easier to navigate to spouses or children from another marriage or family. - NEW
 - Charts can now be save as saved as graphic files (PNG, JPEG, or TIFF) and have twice the resolution. - UPDATED
 - The Citations list can be shared as a text report. - NEW
 - Dates, places and memos can be edited directly in the List > Events window. Changes made to events in the family file will be actively reflected in the List > Events window while it is open. These new features will make it easier to tidy-up event data in your family file.
 - There’s a new option to show how many people in your tree were born, died, or married on every single day of the year - NEW
 - You can now mark the "male descendant line” or "female descendant line" for DNA - UPDATED
 - Several new capabilities have been added to the Advanced Find feature - UPDATED
 - Reunion's date feasibility checker now includes the option to check for death after burial - UPDATED

If you want to check it out further, here’'s the FULL LIST OF NEW FEATURES

WHEN WILL I GET MY DOWNLOAD VERSION? - Please allow up to two working days for us to process your order, and send you an email with your licence details.

TRY IT OUT - Reunion is a program that allows you to try it out before buying … so if you want to check it out, you can download the demo from here (185MB). The demo is just that, but it is enough to see how it works .…The limitations of the demo are that only 50 people can be entered in a family file, the Import/Export is disabled, charts and slideshows can't be saved, and printed output will be watermarked. But that still gives you plenty of things you can do to see if Reunion is the program for you.

USEFUL LINKS - To visit the publisher's website click here
To view the What's New in Reunion 13 click here
To view the Reunion tutorial videos click here

macOS 10.9 or newer.
If you plan to use ReunionTouch on your iOS device(s), then your Mac will need macOS 10.12 or newer.


2 Reviews
  • Reunion 13

    Posted by A.P. "Nol" van den HUrk on 17th Feb 2021

    Among all the geneaology software I saw since I started in 1990, Reunion is for me still the very best.

  • Reunion 13

    Posted by Barry Slatter on 12th Jan 2021

    The upgrade from Reunion 9 is fantastic.

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