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Media: BOOK - paperback, 520 pages
Author: P. FitzSimons
Year: 2005
ISBN: 9780733619625
Other: b&w photos, maps,bibliog, index
Publisher: Hachette Australia

Peter FitzSimons weaves together the extraordinary story of Kokoda. For Australians, Kokoda is the iconic battle of World War II, yet few people know the names of the men who fought on the track, or even the details of what happened. More Australians died in the months of fighting in Papua, than in any other campaign of World War II. Now bestselling author Peter FitzSimons tells the Kokoda story in a gripping, and moving, style for all Australians.

Kokoda was a defining battle for Australia, where a small force of young, ill-equipped Australians engaged a highly experienced and hitherto unstoppable Japanese force on a narrow, precarious jungle track. Again and again, the outnumbered Australians risked everything to stop the Japanese from advancing along the track towards mainland Australia.

Conditions on the track were hellish, rain was constant, the terrain close to inhospitable, food and ammunition supplies were practically non-existent and the men constantly battled malaria and dysentery, as well as the Japanese. The Australian troops were wounded and exhausted beyond belief, but always found that extra bit of spirit to fight on, with the help of the local people.

Moving, gripping and exciting, Peter Fitzsimons has written a masterful account of this iconic campaign that will ensure all Australians can understand what a small band of Australian troops achieved high in the New Guinea jungle - and marvel at it. 'Kokoda' is a superb blend of authority and storytelling-history at its best.

1. In the Beginnings
2. Storm Clouds Gather
3. Battle Stations
4. Mud, Mosquitoes, malarian and Monotony
5. Sweating it Out
6. The Dynamic Duo
7. Up the Bloody Track
8. Attack!
9. Strike-back
10. Holding On
11. A Weary Way to Go ...
12. The battle of Isurava
13. Gumption, Guts and Glory
14. Falling Back16. The Tide Turns
17. To the Bitter End

An engrossing narrative, beautifully controlled by a master storyteller - Sydney Morning Herald

It is a winnrer, and tells the story in a manner which will grip the reader, and provide an accurate pricture of the conditions and adversities suffered and overcome - Stan Bisset, 2/14th Battalion

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