Gallipoli: The Fatal Shore

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 422 pages
Author: H. Broadbent
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9780143011330
Other: photos, sketches, maps, bibliog, appendix, index
Publisher: Penguin

It was an adventure to die for. A daring attempt to force the Dardanelles and capture the Turkish capital Constantinople. For the Allies it was Trojan War and crusade combined. Once again Europe would prevail over an ancient enemy.

History records otherwise. The Gallipoli Campaign was to become one of the most savagely contested of the First World War and end in defeat and controversy. Over 400,000 Allied troops were killed and wounded as the Peninsula became a killing ground as deadly as any on the Western Front.

The invasion force - men from Britain, Australia and New Zealand, India, France and her African colonies - was resisted by the multinational troops of the Ottoman Empire. Under German command, and Mustafa Kemal, they were ferocious in defence.

The raging battles of the landing, the defeats at Krithia and on the Suvla plain, the desperate Australian assaults on Lone Pine and the Nek, the heroism of the Gurkhas at Sari Bair, and of the New Zealanders at Chunuk Bair resonate down the years  in many nations. And for Australians and New Zealanders Gallipoli has attained iconic status as the campaign in which national identity was forged.

This book by Harvey Broadbent, a leading authority, situates the story of Gallipoli within its multinational context. It is illustrated with over 200 photographs and artworks from collections in Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.

1. The Dogs of War
2. Damn the Dardanelles!
3. The Fatal Shore
4. Counter-Attack
5. A Corner of Hell
6. Countless Dead, Countless!
7. A Bastard of a Place
8. Ridges of Blood
9. Slaughter at Suvla
10. Exodus
11. The Sacred Shore
Appendix: Body Count
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Gallipoli: The Fatal Shore

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