Crown Land Sales in Queensland

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: E. Johnson
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9780947284800
Publisher: Eileen Johnson

This title includes three sets of data relating to Crown Lands Sales in Queensland. The index for each set includes the name of the purchaser, the county or parish in which land was located and a year relating to the record. Additional information is included for each data set depending on the material in the original records.

The first set covers records for the period 1842-1861. Over 8600 records have been indexes from there early registers of lands sold. The records from 1842-1859, prior to the separation of Queensland from New South Wales, were originally created by the new South Wales Lands Department. Copies of these and those covering the later period are held at the Queensland State Archives.

The Second, and largest, set of records indexes over 127,000 land sales in Queensland for the period 1860-1911 from the Country Land Purchase A Registers, Town Lot B Registers, Pre-Emptive Right Deeds, Special and Exchange Grants, and Cancelled Grants. Initially created by the Queensland Lands Department, these documents are now held at the Queensland State Archives.

The third set, Return of Crown Lands 1854, is an index to the 'Appendix to the Report from the Select Committee on Crown Lands, New South Wales Legislative Assembly - Votes and Proceedings 1854' - pages 1240-1269. It covers land districts in New South Wales, some of which later became part of Queensland.

Searchable using QFHSdatasearch, this is a generic interface designed to search genealogy databases and developed by the Queensland Family History Society Inc. This version features field oriented and keyword searches, Boolean selection, sorting and wildcard searches.

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Crown Land Sales in Queensland


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