2300 digital data products available on USB

Do you have a computer without a CD/DVD drive?

Do you prefer USBs to CDS?

Do you prefer to have ebooks supplied on USB rather than downloads?

Gould Genealogy has over 2600 products available on CD. With the increasing prevalence of computers without a CD or DVD drive we now offer two alternative forms of delivery for most of these.

  • ebook download - currently over 100 products
  • USB drive - currently over 2300 eligible products (see below)

You now have the option to have any of more than 2300 eligible digital data products supplied on a USB drive.

  • You will need to add a USB drive to your order - normally an 8GB drive, but will be larger if the size of the data files requires
  • If more than one eligible product is ordered they will be supplied on one USB drive
  • There will be a $10 cost for the USB for eligible products - or multiple eligible products - up $50 total value
  • There is no charge for the USB for eligible products - or multiple eligible products - over $50 total value


To order  - eligible products on a USB drive - add a USB to your order.

It is recommended that you transfer the USB data files to your computer and keep the USB drive as a backup or for other purposes.

Eligible products

All Archive Digital Books Australasia and Scotpress products, i.e. those with codes starting with:

  • AU - 1844 Australian products - some also available as ebook downloads
  • BRA - 35 British products - all are also available as ebook downloads
  • EUA - 1 European product
  • NZ - 46 New Zealand products
  • SCA - 10 Scottish products - all are also available as ebook downloads
  • SCPG - 393 Scottish products

Excludes and products offered as CD seconds, which are already significantly discounted to clear.

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