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Highways and Byways in the Border The Case for Ireland Re-Stated, to the President of the USA, 1918 Grandad Did a Dastardly Deed: 50 More Family History Traps
Highways and Byways in the Border
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September 2014 Scottish highlight sale AU$19.20 Inc GST
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Marion Smith Designs 12x12 Garment District French Line Tramping Through Ireland Family Tree Maker 2014 Platinum Australian / New Zealand Edition
Tramping Through Ireland
Our Price: AU$15.99 Inc GST
Yorkshire Inquisitions 1241-1306 The Great Earl of Kildare Family Historian 6
Yorkshire Inquisitions 1241-1306
Our Price: AU$42.49 Inc GST
The Great Earl of Kildare
Our Price: AU$24.00 Inc GST
Family Historian 6
Our Price: AU$69.95 Inc GST
New South Wales Commonwealth Electoral Roll 1937 Hume Reminiscences of Sir Charles A. Cameron New South Wales Almanac and Country Directory 1906 (Moore)
Reminiscences of Sir Charles A. Cameron
Our Price: AU$16.01 Inc GST


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Family History on the Cheap

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Special until 28 February 2015 AU$9.50 Inc GST
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Family History on the Cheap
'Family History on the Cheap' examines a broad range of topics including family sources, whether someone has already researched the family, when to use professional researchers, how to obtain discounts, what sites are free, how to plan and organize your research and how to maximise research results from your trips to archives and libraries ...