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Family Tree Maker the worlds most popular family history software is available in an Australian and New Zealand version. The main program is identical to the US version but these include online subscriptions to Australian records and data CDs.

With its ties to, it is ideal for those wanting to take advantage of for their research and also for publishing family trees online.

Family Tree Maker 2014 Australian and New Zealand Edition comes in 2 versions Platinum and Deluxe. The program is the same for each version, the difference is in the subscription included with each version.

Family Tree Maker Upgrades are available for previous versions of Family Tree Maker. click here to find out more about upgrading and check out the Family Tree Maker upgrade eligibility.

Family Tree Maker for Mac 3 is also available. Perfect if you have a Mac and want to share or collaborate with those that have Family Tree Maker 2014 (windows version).

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Family Tree Maker 2014 Deluxe Australian / New Zealand Edition Family Tree Maker 2014 Platinum Australian / New Zealand Edition Family Tree Maker 2014 Upgrade Australian / New Zealand Edition

Family Tree Maker 2014 adds a number of new features and enhancements, while still keeping the program essentially the same as the previous version. So you’ll find features like TreeSync which was introduced in the 2012 version still there, and it has been improved and now allows you to update ...

By buying a copy of Family Tree Maker 2014 you not only get a copy of the very latest version of FTM, you also get a free membership to, which gives you access to more than 2 billion records and covers all Australian, New Zealand, UK and Irish records on Ancestry ...

If you have an earlier copy of Family Tree Maker and wish to update to the latest, you can buy the Family Tree Maker 2014 Upgrade version.

Family Tree Maker for Mac 3 Australian / New Zealand Edition So You Are Totally New to Family Tree Maker
Get the newest Mac version of Family Tree Maker, packed full of powerful, time-saving features.

This book covers the absolute basics that new users of Family Tree Maker 2012 or 2014 as well as Family Tree maker for Mac 2 or Mac 3, so that users with little computer knowledge can get up and running. Starting with installation, registration ...