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Your Family Reunion: How to Plan it, Organize It, and Enjoy It

Publisher: Ancestry

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 192 pages
Author: G. Morgan
Year: (2001) 2008
ISBN: 9780916489977
Other: b&w photos, index
Publisher: Ancestry

Every type of family get-together, from the casual backyard barbecue to a weekend camping trip, to a week-long deluxe cruise, can become a 'family reunion'. The keys to a successful event, however are to plan and organise a structure for it, get the family together, and provide opportunities for a variety of memorable activities.

Some people are intimidated by the prospect of organising a full-scale family reunion. This book is a guide for organising a successful and exciting family reunion. It includes chapters about getting started with the organisation process, determining how to finance the event and work with vendors, deciding where and when to hold the reunion, creating a simple and effective record-keeping system, figuring out how to locate and invite family members, planning opportunities for family members of all ages to get to know each other, setting up the actual reunion site, managing the reunion onsite, and conducting a post-reunion review so that the next one will be even better.

Because the internet has changed forever the way we obtain information, this book also includes a wealth of Web-based reunion sites that are filled with great information. In addition, because Web sites changes and because there is so much information on the Internet, a short guide to using Internet search engines, directories and other tools to locate information is included. By studying the techniques there and referring to the tutorials at the Search Engine Watch Web site, you can quickly become adept at structuring effective searches for information all over the Internet. Finally, you'll find sample charts and forms that will help you track your planning and make sure you've covered all your basics.

Regardless if this is your first family reunion or your tenth, it is important to do whatever it takes to make your event a success - one that your relatives will remember and talk about for the rest of their lives.

Originally printed in 2001, this popular guide to reunions has now been reprinted.

Introduction: Why Have a Family Reunion?
What Is a Reunion?
1. The Size and Scope of Your Reunion
 - Soliciting Input
 - What to Do with the Responses
 - Sizing up the Reunion
 - Location, Location, Location!
 - Timing is Everything!
2. Organizing for Success
 - Your Starting Point
 - Building the Team
 - The First Meeting
 - The Next Step: Widening the Circle
 - Defining a Schedule
3. Figuring the Cost of a Family Reunion
 - Reunion Expenses Categories
 - Developing a Realistic Budget
4. Record-Keeping Systems
 - Types of Information
 - Summing Up
 - Software Resources for Record Keeping
5. Locating Family Members
 - Networking with your Relatives
 - Using Professional and Other Types of Directories
 - Internet Search Tools
 - Hiring a Professional Investigator
 - Combining Your Resources
6. Announcements and Ongoing Communications
 - Communications for Large Reunions
 - A Reunion Web Page
 - Defining a Communication Schedule for Your Reunion
7. On-Site Preparations and Set-Up
8. Ice Breakers, Mixers and Games
9. Pursuing the Family Genealogy at the Reunion
10. Managing the Details at the Reunion
 - Locating People
 - Signage
 - Announcements and Newsletters
 - Arrival and Sign-In
 - Hospitality Events
 - Banquets and Other Food Events
 - Transportation
 - Cleanup
 - Evaluations
11. After the Ball
 - Looking Toward the Next Reunion
Appendix A. Family Reunion Resources on the Internet
 - What Is a Search Engine?
 - The Best Search Engines
 - Using a Search Engine
 - What About Using Directories?
 - The Library
 - Publicizing Your Family Reunion on the Web
 - Building a Family Web Page at
 - Summing Up
Appendix B. Family Reunion Worksheets
 - Family Reunion Survey
 - Family Contact Sheet
 - Registration
 - Reunion Planning Summary
 - Reunion Announcement
 - Registration Cover Letter
 - Mail Tracking Log
 - Thank You Letter

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