Yarmouth Past and Present: A Book of Reminiscences

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: J. Lawson
Year: (1902) 2005
ISBN: 189733852X
Publisher: Archive CD Books Canada

This slightly unusual history of Yarmouth Nova Scotia was 'compiled' by J. Murray Lawson who's other claim to literary fame comes from his publications of the Records of Shipping of Yarmouth (see CA0158 - Compendium of Yarmouth Shipping).

Mr Lawson was the son of Alexander Lawson the 'owner and proprietor' of The Yarmouth Herald, and it is clear that much of the content of this book has been gleaned from the records of that newspaper. But it is exactly that fact which gives this book its unique and interesting slant on the history of the area. For one thing, newspapers have always been more interested in people than things so there is a lot more of the activities of the inhabitants of Yarmouth than in a more conventional history which would tend to concentrate more on the things that people leave behind them.

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Yarmouth Past and Present: A Book of Reminiscences


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