Westmorland 1841 Census

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Media: DATA CD - 4 CDs
Year: 2006
ISBN: 9781845947811
Publisher: Archive CD Books GB

This CD-ROM set of the Westmorland Census comes on 4 CDs, which consus of digitised images of the original census enumerators' books taken from microfilm (not microfiche) as they higher quality. Please note: Censuses are organised by Registration Districts, which DO NOT necessarily correspond with county boundaries. A set of census records for a Registration District may omit some places within a county, and/or include places from adjacent counties.

These are very old original hand written records. The vast majority of pages are readable, but there may be some pages that are illegible due to faded ink and the techniques used to film the records. The scanning is done from films and we apply enhancement techniques to obtain the best possible results. When you order the census CDs, you accept that some pages may be difficult to read or illegible.

Note that the CDs contain images of the actual pages of the census enumerators' books. Real original primary research data (not transcriptions in text format). What you see is the original hand written documents. That does involve you reading the pages rather than typing in a name and expecting the computer to find it. However, you will very quickly become used to the handwriting styles of the different enumerators, and it is easy to click through the pages at even low magnification to spot the people you are looking for.

Places on CD 1 (HO107/1156-1158):
Appleby, Asby, Asby Coalsforth, Asby-Overgrance, Asby-Winderwath, Barugh, Barwise, Battlebarrow, Birbeck-Fells (part), Birkdale, Bleatarn, Bongate, Borrowdale, Bounsfield, Bowerdale, Brampton, Brampton Crofts-End, Bretherdale, Brough, Brough-Sowerby, Bungein, Burrals, Burton, Church Brough, Coatflatt, Coatgill, Colby, Crackenthorpe, Crosby-Garrett, Drybeck, Dufton, Ellergill, Fawcet-Forest (part), Fellend, Gaisgill, Garthen, Great Musgrave, Great Ormside, Greenholme, Gullom Holme, Hale, Hartley, Hilbeck, Hilton, Hoffe & Row Scattergate, Kaber, Keisley, Kelleth, Kirkby-Stephen, Kirkby-Thore, Knock, Langdale, Little Asby, Little Musgrave, Little Ormside, Long Marton, Low Scales, Mallerstang, Market Brough, Milbourne, Milbourne Grange, Murton, Nateby, Newbiggin, Ormside, Orton, Park, Raisbeck, Raisgill, Ravenstone-Dale, Rayne, Redgill, Roundthwaite, St Lawrence Appleby, St Michael Appleby or Bongate, Sandford, Smardale, Soulby, Stainmore, Tebay, Temple Sowerby, Towen Angles, Waity, Warcop, Wharton, Winton

Places on CD 2 (HO107/1159-1160):
Ambleside-Above-Stock (part), Ambleside-Below-Stock (part), Applethwaite, Beetham, Blackdown, Blackstone, Bonnen-Gate, Bowness, Burton-in-Kendal (part), Brigsteer (part), Commerton or Comberton, Crook, Docker, Dunclent, Eyemore, Farleton, Fawcet-Forest (part), Franche, Gatebeck, Grasmere, Grass-Garth, Grayrigg, Green-Bank, Habberley, Haverbrack, Helsington, Hircott-Lickhill, Hoarstone, Holme Island, Hugil New Hutton, Ings, Kendal or Kirkby-Kendal (part), Kentmere, Kidderminster (part), Kidderminster Foreign, Kirkland, Lambrigg, Langdales, Lindreth, Long Selddale, Lower Mitton or Stourport, Methop & Ulpha, Milness, Natland, Nether Graveship, Nether Stavely, Netherton, Nook, Old Hutton with Holescales, Over Stavely, Patton, Preston-Patrick, Puxton, Reston, Rydal & Loughrigg, Scalthwaiterigg Hay & Hutton-in-the-Hay, Selside & Whitwell, Skelsmergh, Storrs, Strickland-Kettle, Strickland-Roger, Timpley, Troutbeck, Underbarrow & Bradley Field, Undermilbeck, Wannerton, Whinfell, Windermere, Winster, Witherslack, Wribbenhall.

Places on CD 3 (HO107/1161-1162):
Askham, Bampton, Bampton Grange, Barbon, Barton, Beckfoot, Bewley Castle, Birbeck-Fells (part), Bolton, Bomby, Brackenber, Brougham, Burton-in-Kendal (part), Butterwick, Casterton, Clawthorpe, Cliburn, Clifton, Cowbrow, Crosby-Ravensworth, Deans-Biggin, Deepdale, Dillicar, Firbank, Great Strickland, Hackthorpe, Hardendale, Hegdale, Helton, High Barton, High Winder, Holme, Hornby, Hutton-Roof, Keastwick, Keld, Kendal or Kirkby-Kendal (part), Killington, King's Meaburn, Kirkby-Lonsdale, Knipe, Little Stickland, Low-Biggin, Low Winder, Lowther, Lupton, Mansergh, Mardale, Martindale, Mauld's Meaburn, Melkinsthorpe, Middleton, Moorhouses, Morland, Newbiggin, Newby, Patterdale with Hartsop, Pooley, Raceit, Reagill, Rosegill, Shap, Sleagill, Sockbridge & Tirrel, Tailbert, Tearnside, Thornship, Thorpe, Trimby, Toathman, Wet-Sleddale, Whale, Wickerslack, Woodside, Yanwath & Eamont-Bridge.

Places on CD 4 (HO107/1163):
Kirkby-Kendal (part).

These CDs have been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be browsed, enlarged and printed out if required. Please note, this CD set is NOT searchable.

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 4 or later

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Westmorland 1841 Census


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