We Find and Destroy: A History of 458 RAAF Squadron

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 320 pages
Author: P. Alexander
Year: 2002
ISBN: 9781876439088
Other: b&w photos, appendixes, indexes
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

'We Find and Destroy' is the history of 458 RAAF Squadron, that served in Bomber Command in World War Two, operating Wellington aircraft in Britain and later in the Mediterranean area.

From the beginning, 458, although being an Australian squadron, was a close family of men from many nations, united in the struggle against tyranny. Flying from their now-blanketed base at Holme-on-Spalding Moor in Yorkshire, Australian, Canadian, South African, New Zealand and British airmen, bombed Germany's European fortress.

It is symbolic of the international nature of the Squadron, that the first two commanding officers were both Australian who had served in the Royal Air Force, followed by a South African.

Flying to Egypt, they began in the eastern Mediterranean. They carried bombs, mines, torpedoes and depth charges, playing a major part in strangling movement of enemy shipping. After pursuing the retreating enemy from Egypt to Algeria, through Sardinia and north into Italy, their was ended at Gibraltar. Sadly, 135 members of the Squadron had died in action.

This third edition, ensures that the ground crew also receive adequate recognition and, with assistance from Peter Pettit, addition photographs and previously unpublished reminiscences have been added.

List of Illustrations and Maps
Author's Preface
1. The Background
2. Bomber Command: Holme-on-Spalding Moor
3. Out of England
4. Destination Unknown
5. A Squadron Without Aircrew
6. A Squadron Without Groundstaff
7. Reunion at Suez
8. Malta and the Goofingtons
9. Shallufa, Amiriya and the Road to the West
10. McKenzie's Air Force
11. Bone
12. Ghisonaccia and the Water of Life
13. Back to bone and Away from There
14. Mussolini's Other Island
15. To Italy and Northward
16. The Great Speckled bird
17. On the Rock
18. Tall Tales and True
19. And Afterwards - the Long Post-war Years

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We Find and Destroy: A History of 458 RAAF Squadron


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