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We Are the Rebels: The Women and Men Who Made Eureka

Publisher: Text Publishing

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 272 pages
Author: C. Wright
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781922182784
Other: map, further reading, index
Publisher: Text Publishing

'The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka' is the most talked-about work of Australian history in recent years. Now here is Clare Wright’s groundbreaking, award-winning study of the women who made the rebellion in an abridged edition for teenage readers.

'When I was at school, the story of the Eureka Stockade went like this: a bunch of miners in blue shirts fought a bunch of soldiers in red coats because of unfair taxes. Blood stained the wattle, men got the vote out of all this, democracy was born. They were all me, of course. That went without saying.'

But they weren't all men. There was ... 

 - Poet Ellen Young, stirring up the miners with her letters to the paper
 - Newspaper editor Clara Duval Seekamp, publishing them
 - Actor Sarah Hanmer, raising money for the cause
 - Teacher Anastasia Hayes and the other women who sewed the Eureka flag
 ... not to mention the unknown woman who was killed in the fighting, then completely forgotten for 150 years. 

This is their story, and the story of the thousands of men, women and children who risked everything to travel to the goldfields. 

They were the rebels. And, as historian Clare Wright shows in electrifying details, their story is out story too. 

Author's Note
 - The Morning After
 - Why Weren't We Told?
 - A Coffin Trimmed with White
Getting There
 - Eureka!
 - Getting Ahead
 - Great Expectations
 - The Long Goodbye
 - The Wild World of Water
 - Our Floating World
 - A Dirty Disagreeable Lot
 - Crossing the Line
 - Southern Stars
 - The Deep
 - (Not So Marvellous) Melbourne
 - Settling for Collingwood
 - Canvas Town
 - Law and Order
 - All the Single Ladies
 - The Road
 - This Feminine Exodus
 - My Gypsy Life
Getting Ahead
 - Ballarat
 - The Camp
 - Diggeresses
 - A Tax by Any Other Name
 - Pop-Up Shopping
 - Everything That Could be Wanted
 - Mates
 - The Servant Problem
 - The Marriage Game
 - Girls on the Grog
 - The Chinese Puzzle
Getting Stuck
 - Winners and Losers
 - Raw Cold and Unfathomable
 - Poverty Point
 - Getting Spliced, Getting Licked
 - Land Locked
 - British Justice
 - Licence Hunters 
 - Enter Ellen Young
 - Here Come the Hothams
 - Put Away
 - A Shameful Spectacle
 - A Licence to Swill
 - The Eureka Hotel
 - Liquid Gold
 - The Adelphi Theatre
Getting Even
 - Spring
 - Murder Most Foul
 - A Busy Week
 - Famous Last Words
 - An Offended People
 - Scot Free
 - House of the Rising Diggers
 - It Burned Like Paper
 - Mosh Pit
 - The Blame Game
 - Ellen vs Joe
 - Tongues Wag
 - Lying in a State of Stupidity
 - The Stranger
 - Yankee HQ
 - A Cunning Plan?
 - We, the People
 - No Admission
 - Courtroom 1
 - Courtroom 2
 - The Diggers 'Demand' and Hotham Cracks It
Getting Together
 - Thanksgiving
 - A Flag of One's Own
 - Bringing the Matter to a Crisis
 - The First Shots
 - The Diggers Rally
 - A Council of War for Defence
 - Drawing the Line
 - Swearing an Oath
 - A Spy and Some Wet Soldiers
 - A Late-Night Deputation
 - 1 December-Friday
 - 2 December-Saturday
 - Night of a Full Moon
 - 3 December-Bloody Sunday
 - Nightmare on Eureka Street
 - Where Can I Hide?
 - The Final Indignity
 - Burn Baby Burn
 - Ungovernable Excitement
 - The Morning After (Reprise)
 - Business as Usual
 - Hope
 - The Miner's Right
 - The Youngest Australian
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