War Horses, Hoof Prints in Time: True Stories of Heroic Australian Walers and New Zealand Horses 1914-1918

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 120 pages
Author: J. Mather
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781925236866
Other: b&w photos, references
Publisher: Boolarong Press

This remarkable but true collection had been gleaned from a large variety of World War 1 sources. It records the role animals played in environments which were completely alien to them. For all the animals that served us so well, only a handful left their mark in history. 

This book not only commemorated the role our Australian and New Zealand horses played in a war which saw eight million animals perish in the bloodiest of battles, but preserves this collection of stories to be retold almost one hundred years later. 

Here the author presents the deeds of the unknown, alongside the well-known Waler horses, donkeys, mules and dogs. They were all heroes. 

This is a book you won't be able to put down and in reading you will gain a great compassion for these brave animals.

Horses Abroad
 - Rigerous training was vital
 - There's something about Mulga
 - Whaler called 'The Mascot'
 - Jezebel, the meanest horse
 - The Devil's horse
 - Bad behaviour proves memorable
 - Taipo, a horse who could run like the wind
 - Baldy and Bill
 - Another horse called Plain Bill
 - The story of Billy, the bastard
 - Kiddman, just a lowly pack horse
 - A Roman Emperor or simply a horse with a grand name
 - He was called Shaitan
 - Poor reward for a brave horse
 - Midnight
 - Another special horse called Bill
 - The old darlings, the large artillery horse
 - Daisy, Belle and the water carrier, Tiger
 - Fondly remembered
 - ANZAC soldiers and their horses in the Middle East
 - Bess, on coming home: another ANZAC hero
 - The New Zealand horses, a valuable contribution
 - The mystery of a horse called 'Paeroa'
 - A horse from home
 - The paper mache horse
 - The good the bad and the terrible
 - Camouflage and the donkey
 - Doreen, Doreen, Doreen
 - Monty
 - A bay mare named 'Gunner'
 - Bruised and battered they carried on
 - Hellfire Jack (General J.R. Royston)
 - A pig of a horse
 - Horses fit for Generals and Kings
 - Other for footed friends
 - As stubborn as a mule?
 - There's nothing stubborn about 'Lizzie'
 - The Donkry Boys
Small Pawprints
- Cacolet
 - A Digger's dog called 'Driver'
 - The Jaffa break-away
Heroic English Horses and Other Brave Animals
 - The lucky escape
 - A Blue Cross hero
 - John or Jack
 - Bonfire, a poet's horse
Anecdotes and Bits and Pieces
 - Where did the name ANZAC and Digger come from?
 - Strict rules regarding the exercise of horses (Egypt 1914)
 - Number of dogs used
 - Light Horse Regiments 
 - A famous Belgian cart dog
 - The rising sun hat badge
 - Some foundation sires of the Waler horse
 - List of reference books and other sites


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War Horses, Hoof Prints in Time: True Stories of Heroic Australian Walers and New Zealand Horses 1914-1918


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