Voyage to Gallipoli

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 304 pages
Author: P. Plowman
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781922013538
Other: b&w photos, apendixes, bibliog, index
Publisher: Rosenberg

At the commencement of World War I in 1914 Australia had only been a nation for 13 years and the RAN was only three years old (NZ had been a dominion for 7 years and had no independent navy). As young men rushed to enlist, the governments of both countries had to find ways of transporting them to a war being fought half a world away, and protecting them against German raiders en route. It was a massive undertaking.

In 'Voyage to Gallipoli' maritime historian Peter Plowman takes the story from the planning stages and the requisition of ships through to the Gallipoli landing of 25 April 1915. It covers the activities of the fledgling Royal Australian Navy and its role in the Australian capture of German protectorates (including New Guinea) in the South Pacific and the Battle of Cocos Island which saw the destruction of the German raider Emden.

The book tells of the mobilization of troops and sailors, requisition and refitting of ships, one convoy false start, a number of voyages, various changes of plan and destination, and the assistance offered by ships of allied navies.

Included are many newspaper accounts of various events (some by Banjo Paterson) in port and on board and quotes from diaries and memoirs of sailors and soldiers involved, giving descriptions of conditions on board – training, sport, exercise, living and eating conditions, hygiene, medical examinations and supervision, even ‘crossing the line’ festivities; also conditions for horses — details of convoy formations. By the time of the blooding of Anzac forces at Gallipoli, the force had been molded very much ‘on board’ and ‘in transit’.

Two appendixes give details of all the transport ships involved.

1. War is Declared
2. The Naval Fleets in the Pacific
3. The First Troop Movement
4. Seizing the Islands
5. Gathering the Troops - Australia
6. Gathering the Troops - New Zealand
7. Preparing the Ships
8. False Start
9. The Long Wait
10. From New Zealand to Albany
11. Around the Coast to Albany
12. Departure
13. The Voyage Begins
14. The Voyage of the 'Emden'
15. The Battle of the Cocos Islands
16. After the Battle
17. To Colombo
18. From Colombo to Aden
19. A Change of Destination
20. Arrival in Egypt
21. The Voyage of the 'Kyarra'
22. The Second Contingent
23. The Second Convoy
24. To Lemnos
25. To Gallipoli
Appendix 1. Detail of Australian Transports
Appendix 2. Details of New Zealand Transports


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Voyage to Gallipoli


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