Tracing Your Secret Service Ancestors

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 208 pages
Author: P. Tomaselli
Year: 2009
ISBN: 978184459871
Other: b&w photos, sketches, appendixes, bibliog, index
Publisher: Pen & Sword

Did you have a spy in the family, an ancestor who was involved in espionage at home or abroad? If you have ever had any suspicions about the secret activities of your relatives, or are curious about the long hidden history of Britain's secret services and those who service in them, this is the book for you.

Phil Tomaselli's fascinating guide to over 100 years of British spies and spying take the reader on a journey through the twilight world of the secret intelligence organisations Britain has run since the Victorian period to the modern day, and it shows where their records can be found.

He looks not only at the two princial services MI5 and MI6, but at every branch of naval, military and air intelligence. He includes Special Branch, PMS2, Indian Political Intelligence, SS1 and SS2, SIME, SOE, Bletchley Park and many other organisations, great and small, that have playes a clandestine role in maintaining national security.

Though many records have been lost, deliberately destroyed or will never be released, enough material is available to give a detailed picture of secret service personnel, the jobs they did and the organisations they worked for. Phil Tomaselli provides tips on how to identify and interpret secret service documents and how to understand them in the context of the time they were written.

1. Getting Started
- Armed Forces Personal Service Records
- Useful Things to Know
- Useful Tools for Identifying Individuals
2. Early Days
- Victorian Intelligence Organisations
- Special Branch
- Indian Political Intelligence
- The Origins of the Secret Service as We Know It
3. MI5 in the First World War
- Records of the German Spies
- Other MI5
- MI5 Ports Police
- MI5 Records from the First World War - the KV 1 Series
- MI5 Branch Reports
- Tracing MI5 Staff
- MI5 Officers
- Detectives and Agents
- Women Workers in MI5
- MI5 and the Police
- Other Domestic Agencies
4. SIS in the First World War
- George Georgiadis - an SIS Agent in Greece
- CX
- Counter-Bolshevism Officers
5. Finding First World War Intelligence Service Records
- Intelligence Corps Officers
- RNVR Officers' Service Records
- SIS Officers
- First World War Medal Cards - a Useful Tracing Aid
6. Naval and Military Intelligence in the First World War
- Admiralty Room 40
- The Intelligence Corps
- Army Wireless Intelligence
7. MI5 Between the Wars
- MI5 Files
- Reading a KV 2 (Personal) File
- MI5 File References
- Strange Bedefellows
- Finding MI5 Staff
- MI5 Agents
- The Special Branch Secret Departments - SS1 and SS2
8. SIS Between the Wars
- Finding SIS Officers and Agents
- Passport Control
- The Use of Commercial Cover
- The Government Code and Cypher School
- The Build Up to the Second World War
9. MI5 in the Second World War
- The Liddell Diaries
- MI5 Agents
- Other Places to Find MI5 Documents
- SIME - Security Intelligence Middle East
10. Other Intelligence and Secret Organisations in the Second World War
- The Home Guard Auxiliary Units
- Naval Intelligence
- Air Intelligence
- The Intelligence Corps
- MI9 and IS9
- Phoneys - Hiding 'Enemy Aliens'
- The Gestapo Handbook and Black List, 1940
- The Special Wanted List GB Itself
- Notes on Reading the List
11. Special Operations Executive: Secret Agents and Sabotage
- The (non) Missing Personnel Files
- Was Your Grandfather with SOE?
- SOE Records - an Overview?
- SOE - Other Records
- The Imperial War Museum Collection
12. The Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park
- Tracing Bletchley Park Staff
- Squadron Leader John Darwin - Air Intelligence Officer and Spy
13. SIS in the Second World War
- Tracing SIS Officers and Agents
- SIS and Other Agents
- Section V
- SIS - the Bletchley Park Personnel and Movement Cards
- Passport Records
- ISLD - SIS Cover in the Middle East and Far East
- Crawford McKey - the Mysterious Death of an SIS/ISLD Officer
- Looking Forward
Appendix 1. Other Archives and Collections
Appendix 2. The Military Intelligence Directorate
Appendix 3. The First Passport Control Officers
Appendix 4. Passport Control Officers
Appendix 5. SIS Station Identifiers (Old Style)
Appendix 6. CX Source Identifiers
Appendix 7. SIS Structure Chart, 1923
Appendx 8. SIS Structure, 1943
Appendix 9. July 1943 Passports

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Tracing Your Secret Service Ancestors


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