Tracing Your Potteries Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 256 pages
Author: M. Sharpe
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781526701275
Other: b&w photos, maps, appendixes, index
Publisher: Pen & Sword

Tracing Your Potteries Ancestors introduces readers to the wealth of information available to those wishing to trace their North Staffordshire roots. Michael Sharpe gives a fascinating insight into the history of this part of the Midlands which was for so long dominated by the pottery industry. The six pottery towns Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and Longton are at the heart of the story.

This handbook is an essential guide for anyone researching the life of an individual or family connected with the area, bringing together all the relevant local and national archives for the first time. In a series of short information-packed chapters it describes the lives and experiences of ordinary people in this most extraordinary of landscapes. It charts the transition of the Six Towns from scattered farming communities to a thriving industrial conurbation. The living conditions of the urban poor, health and welfare, the influence of religion and migration, education, leisure pursuits, and the traumatic experience of war are all explored, and the many different archives and sources that are open to family history researchers are explained.

 - The Proud Potteries
 - Scope: The Land in Between
 - Researching in the Potteries
 - Principal Archives and Sources
Local History
How To Use This Book
1. The Potteries and its People
 - Stoke-on-Trent and Environs
 - Growth of the Potteries
 - Finding People: Key Sources
 - Local Photographs
 - Maps, Gazetteers and Pans
 - Newspapers
 - Trade and Commercial Directories
 - North Staffordshire: Names and Biographies
 - Further Information
2. The Pottery Industry
 - The Origins of the Pottery Industry
 - Founding Fathers: Pottery Pioneers
 - The Growth of Potworks
 - ceramic Materials
 - Manufacturing Processes and Innovations
 - Pottery Industry Occupations
 - Working Conditions in the Potbanks
 - Ancillary Industries
 - Pottery Industry Records and Archives
 - Potteries Heritage
 - Further Information
3. Industrial Diversity
 - Coal and Iron Mining
 - Canals
 - North Staffordshire Railways
 - Roads, Trams and Buses
 - Further Information
4. Church and Politics
 - The Established Church
 - Roman Catholics
 - The Cradle of Methodism
 - The Jewish Community
 - Cemeteries and Burial Grounds
 - Chartism and Trades Unions
 - Further Information
5. Civic Society
 - Workhouses and the Poor Law
 - Children's Homes
 - Hospitals
 - Asylums
 - Schools, Universities and Colleges
 - Courts, Prisons and Criminals
 - Charities and Friendly Societies
 - Local Government
 - Further Information
6. Migration and Housing
 - Rural and Irish Migration
 - Comings and Goings: Pottery Industry Migration
 - Housing
 - Housing Records
 - Further Information
7. Everyday Life in the Potteries
 - Literature and the Arts
 - Theatre, Variety and Cinema
 - Holidays and Recreation
 - Pubs, Inns and Breweries
 - Licensing Records
 - Markets, Shops and Food
 - Oral and Community History
 - Further Information
8. Before the Potbanks
 - Medieval Staffordshire
 - Tudor and Stuart Periods
 - Great Estates and Houses
 - Land, Estate and Property Records
 - Further Information
9. In Uniform
 - Local Regiments
 - First World War
 - Second World War
 - War Memorials and Rolls of Honour
 - The Police Service
 - Further Information
Appendix 1. Timeline of Potteries History and Genealogy
Appendix 2. Directory of Archives and Resources
 - Archives and Record Offices
 - Libraries and Local Study Centres
 - Museums and Heritage Centres
 - Family History Societies
 - Publishers
 - Web Resources
 - Miscellaneous
 - Local History Groups and Societies

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Tracing Your Potteries Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians


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