Tracing Your Jewish Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 200 pages
Author: R. Wenzerul
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781473821279
Other: 2nd ed., b&w photos, glossary, index
Publisher: Pen & Sword

This fully revised second edition of Rosemary Wenzerul's lively and informative guide to researching Jewish family history will be absorbing reading for anyone who wants to find out about the life of a Jewish ancestor. In a clear and accessible way she takes readers through the entire process of research. She provides a brief social history of the Jewish presence in Britain and looks at practical issues of research - how to get started, how to organize the work, how to construct a family tree and how to use the information obtained to enlarge upon the social history of the family.

In addition she describes, in practical detail, the many sources that researchers can go to for information on their ancestors, their families and Jewish history.

Vivid case studies are a feature of her book, for they show how the life stories of individuals can be reconstructed with only a small amount of initial information. her valuable handbook will be essential reading and reference for anyone who is trying to gain an insight into the life of an ancestor or is researching any aspect of Jewish history.

Introduction: A Brief Social History
1. Where Do I Begin?
2. Drawing Your Family Tree
3. Links to the Internet
4. Public Records
5. Archives
6. Libraries and Museums
7. Marriage and Divorce
8. Death and Burial
9. Reading Gravestones
10. Extending Your Family History
11. The Armed Forces
12. The Holocaust
13. Names
14. Medical
15. Heraldry
16. UK Connections
17. Overseas Connections
18. Case Studies



"I am a comparative newcomer to the field of family history research and this book is ideal for one such as myself. The amount of information packed into the 198 pages is amazing, but at the same time it is presented in such a way as to be a very easy and interesting book to read. It starts with a brief history of the Jews in England and how they settled in various parts of the country. The book touches on education, the work undertaken by the immigrants and gives a little information about schools and synagogues. As a newcomer to this subject it can be difficult to know where to start and this is where the author is a great help. She tells you how to begin and then goes on to give lots of tips on how to arrange your family tree and details the organizations and archives for research. Her own family is used to illustrate the many points she makes. The names and addresses of organizations are not confined to the UK. The list includes archives and libraries all over the world to help with your research. There is an extensive index which is an enormous aid because just browsing through it will often point you in a direction of research that you may not have thought of. I have no hesitation in recommending this book. Every Jewish home should have a copy on the bookshelf." - review, 10 August 2008

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Tracing Your Jewish Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians


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