Tracing Your Army Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians (2nd edition)

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 208 pages
Author: S. Fowler
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781781590867
Other: 2nd ed., b&w photos, appendixes, index
Publisher: Pen & Sword

Whether you are interested in the career of an individual officer, researching medals awarded to a soldier or just want to know about a particular battle or campaign, this book will point you in the right direction.

Assuming that the reader has no prior knowledge of the British Army, its history or organisation, Simon Fowler explains, which records survive, where they can be found and how they can help you in your research. He shows how to make the best use of the increasing number of related resources to be found online, and he pays particular attention to explaining the records and the reasons behind their creation, as this information can be very important in understanding how these documents can help your research.

This is the second edition of Simon Fowler's guide to researching the British Army. It has been fully revised to include the latest online resources. It shows how to trace the careers of individual soldiers from 1760 to the 1960's, and includes information on all the major archives and museums, including the National Archives.

1. Getting Started
2. Organisation of the Army in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
3. The Army Before 1660
4. Officers
5. Other Ranks: Enlistment and Conditions of Service
6. Medals
7. Casualty Records
8. Discipline and Desertion
9. Pension Records
10. Militia 1757-1914
11. Women
12. British in India
13. Dominion and Colonial Forces
14. Boer War
15. The First World War
16. The Second World War
17. 1919-1969
Appendix 1. Army Service Numbers
Appendix 2. Problem Solving
Appendix 3. TNA Research Guides on Tracing Soldier Ancestors
Appendix 4. Army Ranks

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Tracing Your Army Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians (2nd edition)

MSRP: $43.21
You save $11.30

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