Tracing Your Ancestors Magazine: Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors

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Media: BOOK - magazine, 66 pages
Author: C. Woodcock
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781926510064
Other: b&w photos
Publisher: Moorshead Magazines

Produced in a magazine format, this publication contains 15 articles specific to the tracing your scottish ancestors, .

In this issue, Christine Woodcock shares her vast expertise in Scottish records. this issue includes topics on breaking through brick walls, treasures in scottish libraries, marvelous maps, miltary, and much more!

Please note: the magazine is published in the US, so some of references mentioned may be US-related.

Finding Your Scottish Ancestors: The Basics - Getting started, and how to properly cite your sources
What's In a Name? - Understanding naming patterns may seem daunting, but we offer some tips to make it easier
What's in Your Scottish Genealogy Toolbox? - Be prepared with a good set of research tools
Who's Your Daddy? - Researching the illegitimate birth of an ancestor
Breaking Through Brick Walls - Reviewing documents can reveal hidden gems and help you find those elusive ancestors
Genealogy Treasures in Scottish Libraries - There's a vast array of resources to discover in Scottish libraries
Researching in Archives - Archives hold vast amounts of material to assist you in understanding your ancestors' lives
Maps, Marvelous Maps - Join the crowd in helping to preserve the names of Scottish towns
The Scottish Clearances - Massive changes in farming practices eventually forced many to leave Scotland for the colonies
Researching Occupations - The work of your ancestors is an important part of researching their lives
Researching Criminal Ancestors - If your ancestors came before the courts, there are a wealth of records for you to explore
Researching Mental Health Records in Scotland - There are a variety of records available for researching an ancestor who was institutionalized
Military Men, Covenanters and Jacobites - Pre-1800s colonial arrivals may have been part of the military, or sent as exiles for their perceived crimes
Scotland's Connection to the Hudson's Bay Company - From the early 18th century, men from Orkney were recruited for the Hudson's Bay Company
Planning a Research Trip to Your Ancestral Homeland - Walk where your ancestors walked, and experience a real connection to your family's history

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Tracing Your Ancestors Magazine: Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors


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