Tracing Your Ancestors Magazine: Tracing Your Female Ancestors Volume 2

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Media: BOOK - magazine, 68 pages
Author: G. Philibert-Ortega, L. Alzo, J, Wilcox Hibben & T. Hepps
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781926510019
Other: b&w photos
Publisher: Moorshead Magazines

Produced in a magazine format, this publication contains 16 articles specific to the areas of women's history and genealogical research, and 2 continues on from volume one with all new articles that reveal even more research resources and strategies for finding your elusive female ancestors.

Compiled by Gena Philibert-Ortega, with additional articles by Lisa Alzo, Jean Wilcox Hibben and Tammy Hepps, this issue includes: 10 Unusual Sources, Female Immigrant Ancestors, Digitized Book Resources, 50+ Online Resources, Finding Your Femme Fatales, Researching Jewish Women, Researching Female Veterans and so much more!

Please note: the magazine is published in the US, so some of references mentioned are US-related.

Conducting Searches: Get some insight into the importance of how you conduct searches
Using the FamilySearch Catalog: learn the importance of this much-have resource!
Google Tools to get you Going: Gena highlights Googles tool set and how it can help you find your female ancestor
Locating Death records: take e look at at resources for locating the death of a female ancestor
Rsearching City Directories: Learn how you can follow your female ancestor through time
Finding Your Female Veterans: resources for finding your female ancestor who served their country
Female Immigrant Ancestors: Jean Wilcox Hibben examines why and how women took the gamble
Pinning Female Ancestors: take a look at Pinterest, and learn how to use it to your genealogical advantage
Digitized Book Resources: Gena recommends digitized book collections for female ancestor research
Church Records: see how church records might illuminate your ancestor's life
Ten Unusual Sources: some lesser-known resources for finding that "difficult" female ancestor
Locating Female Jewish Ancestors: here's five recommendations for overcoming the challenges you may encounter
Finding Your Femmes Fatales: Lisa Alzo the dark side of female ancestors
Telling Your Females' Stories: learn how to honor your female ancestor with a variety of ideas and the tools to make it happen!
Case Study, Lessons from Martha: Gena talks about the lessons learned from one special research project
Now What?: some closing thoughts on starting the search for your female ancestors



1 Review
  • Another Inexpensive Guide to Finding Female Ancestors

    Posted by Ross Hansen on 25th Sep 2020

    Volume 1 has lots of useful tips and websites especially for North America. This Volume II is the more useful in my opinion as it focusses on improved searching techniques. Specific chapters include using Google Tools, FamilySearch, City Directories, digitised books, Pinterest and church records. It also includes migration, women in war and women in trouble. I'm quite excited to put many of these techniques into practice. Well worth the money!

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Tracing Your Ancestors Magazine: Tracing Your Female Ancestors Volume 2


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