Tracing Your Ancestors Magazine: Irish Research a Practical Guide

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Media: BOOK - magazine, 68 pages
Author: M. Gleeson
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781926510095
Other: b&w photos
Publisher: Moorshead Magazines

This magazine guide is titled Tracing Your Ancestors: Irish Research – A Practical Guide. Written by Dr. Maurice Gleeson (author of DNA & Your Genealogy) and one of the world's best known Irish genealogists. The booklet lays out how to do your Irish research – using the latest resources and techniques. Anyone with Irish ancestors will find it extremely useful.

Why You Need This Guide
 - Everything is Changing so Quickly
 - How Far Will You Be Able to Go Back?
 - What Records Are Available?
 - What Resources Will You be Using?
 - What Challenges Will You Face?
 - The DNA Revolution
 - Crowd-Source Your Family Tree
Where in Ireland Did They Come From?
 - A Brief History of Irish Emigration
 - General Techniques for Tracing Your Ancestor
 - Genealogical Records for US Immigrants
 - Genealogical Records for Canadian Immigrants
 - Genealogical Records for Australian Immigrants
Strategic Approach to Finding Records
 - Which Records Conver What?
 - Tracing an Ancestra Line - and Descendants Forward
 - An Optimal Example
 - Fleshing Out the Tree
Key Things You Should Know About Irish Records
 - What Was Lost in the Fire - and What Wasn't
 - Irish Land Divisions
 - Irish Place Names
Census Records - All Free Online
 - A Brief History
 - What Parts of Ireland Do Surviving Census Records Cover?
 - What Information Do They Contain?
 - How to Use the Records
 - Hints and Tips
 - Other Sources for Surveys, Censuses & Census Substitutes
Civil Registration Records – Now Free Online
 - A Brief History
 - What Information Do They Contain?
 - Where Can I Find Them?
 - Hints and Tips
Church Records – Many Online, Many Free
 - A Brief Overview
 - What Information Do They Contain?
 - How to Use the Records
 - Other Additional Resources./
 - Hints and Tips
Gravestones & Burial Records
 - Ireland Specific Websites
 - Global Websites
Land, Streets, Schools & Workhouses/
 - Griffith’s Valuation – What Came After and Before It
 - Other Land Records Collections
 - Street Directories
 - School Registers
 - Workhouse Records
Wills & Probate
Court Records
DNA Testing As an Additional Tool
 - The Basics of DNA Testing
 - Characterizing Your Brick Walls
 - Collaborating With Your Genetic Cousins
 - Triangulation
 - Y-DNA, Your Surname, and Your Clan


2 Reviews
  • Another tool for my Family HIstory

    Posted by Rhondda Hooley on 24th Sep 2019

    I find that as i do my family tree, the irish line is the most difficult. This little gem has been very good in assisting me with my reasearch.

  • Absolute Gem for Irish Research

    Posted by Ross Hansen on 7th Aug 2019

    I found this guide to be so practical, I keep it beside me for reference while researching Irish ancestors. It's filled with useful articles arranged under logical chapters such as "Census Records", "Civil Registration Records" and "Land, Streets, Schools & Workhouses". Each contains descriptions of websites (mostly free) and their relevance to the chapter topic. Explanations are very clear and instructions are provided where necessary on which buttons to tick, guiding readers to the relevant parts of the sites. The authors of the articles have obviously done the hard work to make this so easy to use and have included photographs, coloured diagrams and images of web pages to aid their readers. The magazine is part of a series so I'm hoping to purchase more of these e.g. "Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors" and "Tracing Your Female Ancestors" as they become available.

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Tracing Your Ancestors Magazine: Irish Research a Practical Guide


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