Tracing Your Ancestors Magazine: DNA and Tracing Your Genealogy

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Media: BOOK - magazine, 68 pages
Author: M. Gleeson
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781926510088
Other: b&w photos
Publisher: Moorshead Magazines

Presented in magazine format, this collection of articles has been written by Maurice Gleeson, one of the world's best known genetic genealogists and every article relates to the topic of DNA. This 68 page DNA guide is the most easy-to understand published to date, it is heavily illustrated, and is an ideal guide "for the rest of us"!

 - Preamble
 - What's in you closet?
 - Why turn to DNA?
 - What Companies offer DNA tests?
 - What can you get from a DNA test?
 - The three main DNA tests (and what they can do for you)
 - Which DNA test is best for me?
Some Basic Science
A -  closer look at chromosomes
 - The two different types of DNA Marker
 - The Human Evolutionary Tree
Y-DNA - Tracing Your Direct Male Line
 - The types of Y-DNA test
 - Understanding your Y-DNA results
 - Your Place on the Tree of Mankind
 - Why join a Surname Project
 - Anatomy of a Surname Project
 - Further study & resources
Mitochondrial DNA- Tracing Your Direct Female Line
 - Some more basic science
 - Applying mtDNA to your genealogy
Autosomal DNA - Some More Basic Science
 - What is asDNA?
 - The mechanics of atDNA transmission and inheritance
 - Recombination (Crossing Over) - shuffling the pack
 - Independent Assortment - random sorting of chromosomes
 - How much DNA do I share with my relatives?
 - Genetic Population Admixture Estimates ("ethnic makeup")
Autosomal DNA - connecting with Genetic Cousins
 - Secrets of Success
 - Analyzing Autosomal DNA Matches
 - Step 1 - Where does the common ancestor sit on your tree?
 - Step 2 - Is the common ancestor obvious?
 - Step 3 - Generating a shortlist of possible candidates
 - Step 3.1 - Maternal or Paternal ancestor?
 - Step 3.2 - A match on the X?
 - Step 3.3 - Eliminating lines of unlikely ethnicity or nationality
 - Step 3.4 - Using phasing to eliminate ancestral lines
 - Step 3.5 - Other techniques to eliminate non-contenders
 - Step 4 - Working with Triangulation
 - Triangulation with 23andMe
 - Triangulation with FTDNA
 - Triangulation with Ancestry
 - Triangulation in practice
Using DNA to Help Adoptees
Additional Online Information
 -Tips and Resources



1 Review
  • Genealogy DNA Explained Simply

    Posted by Ross Hansen on 20th Mar 2020

    I've submitted DNA samples to several providers; I've read the results and explanations; I've read articles and books and still ended up confused. This gem of a magazine has been written by Dr Maurice Gleeson. Not only are his explanations easy to understand but he has created a number of simple diagrams and uses screenshots from his own DNA results to illustrate the explanations. He covers the three types of test (Y-DNA, mtDNA and atDNA) and also suggests which tests might be suitable depending on one's interests, how one might connect with genetic cousins and how to apply DNA testing to help find biological parents for adoptees.

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Tracing Your Ancestors Magazine: DNA and Tracing Your Genealogy


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