Thunder of the Hooves: A History of 12 Australian Light Horse Regiment 1915-1919

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 224 pages
Author: K. Hollis
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780980379655
Other: b&w photos, appendixes, index
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

It was 1915 when 12 Australian Light Horse Regiment was formed at Holsworthy (NSW) and many of the recruits were 'natural soldiers' - good shots, horsemen and well acquainted with living in the open.

By June they were ready to sail to Egypt, where they received extra training, before going into action without horses (as infantry) at Gallipoli.

By February 1916, the regiment had been reinforced and remounted in Egypt, before joining the main Australian Light Horse force to help eject the Turks and their German support from the Sinai, Palestine and Arabia. 

The men endured intense heat, frequent thirst, limited shelter and lack of success against the stubborn Turkish defences at Gaza, then played the leading role in an action that turned the tide of the campaign and secured one of Australia's greatest Battle Honour - the charge on Beersheba.

In one of the greatest Australian feat of arms, the 12th and 4th regiments, did a 'Charge of the Light Brigade' and rode into the mouths of the Turkish guns. The wild, almost reckless charge swept into the town and overwhelmed the defences and the greater part of the enemy immediately surrendered.

After Beersheba, the regiment took part in actions during the advance through Palestine and on to Damascus. The regiment returned to Australia in August 1919 and passed into the annals of Australian military history. 

Realising that the 12th Battalion did not have a written history, the author researched and wrote this account of their proud battle experience. In creating this record Ken Hollis has drawn upon official histories, war diaries and the personal reflections of those who served in the regiment during the war or who were witnesses to its great achievements.


1. Formation and Deployment
2. Gallipoli
4. Gaza Battles
5. The madmen of Beersheba
6. Into Palestine
7. Advance to Tiberius
8. Damascus
9. Homs, Armistice and Home
Appendix 1. Glossary
Appendix 2. Honours and Awards
Appendix 3. Beersheba Report
Appendix 4.  Summary of Casualties
Appendix 5. The Walers
Appendix 6. Nominal Roll
Appendix 7. Poetry
Appendix 8. Prisoner of War
Appendix 9. The Men
Appendix 10. Regimental Album

1 Review
  • Enlightened recall of our proud history

    Posted by Susan Austin on 15th May 2020

    Exactly as the description depicted, extremely well researched and professionally compiled
    by an acclaimed author adding a stunning addition to any one's library.

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Thunder of the Hooves: A History of 12 Australian Light Horse Regiment 1915-1919


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