Thom's Official Directory of Great Britain and Ireland 1909

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (2500 pages)
Year: (1909) 2011
ISBN: 9781846305771
Publisher: Archive CD Books Ireland

First published in 1843 by Alexander Thom & Co., 'Thom's Irish Almanac & Directory' is still being published and is rightly seen as the pre-eminent directory and almanac for Ireland. Since its initial publication, Thom's has undergone a number of slight deviations in its title, such as 'Post Office Directory, Irish Almanac & Directory' and in this case, the 'Official Directory'. When it was first issued in 1843 Thom's contained some 1000 printed pages; by the time of this 1909 edition the directory contained nearly 2500 printed pages, which are released here on fully searchable CD-Rom.

Containing all of the Official Directories for the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as County and Borough Directories for Ireland, most of this edition is given over to Dublin County, City and its suburbs and townships, as well as extensive listings for the nobility, clergy, gentlemen and traders of Dublin. At least one edition of Thom's Directory and Almanac is a must for every Irish household.

This product contains high quality scanned images of the original volume. It has been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 4 or later
Adobe Reader 6 or later is recommended for CDs with searchable text

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Thom's Official Directory of Great Britain and Ireland 1909


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