The Victoria Cross: Australia Remembers

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 462 pages
Author: M. Madden
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781925520989
Other: colour photos
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

This book is an ambitious endeavour to capture the history of Australia's pre-eminent award for acts of bravery in the face of the enemy and its highest military honour, the Victoria Cross (VC).

Since 1856 when the award was created by Queen Victoria, 100 Australian servicemen have been recognised with the Cross. This book, however, is not a traditional history book; it takes a different approach to recognising these remarkable Australians. Through 100 individual profiles of each Australian VC recipient, this book has been written as a way for families and friends to give their perspective on the men they knew, how the Victoria Cross has affected them and how families coped after the fighting had ended. The profiles reveal just how much these men came from every walk of life and the rich colour of the families and communities they came from.

The author, supported by volunteers from the Totally & Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen & Women's Association of Victoria Inc. (TPI Victoria), has travelled across Australia and around the world to interview families, peers and friends about these 100 remarkable Australians. All these strands have been brought together to tell the story of the creation of the Victoria Cross, how it has evolved to find its place in modern Australia, and to illuminate the lives of these Australians with an incredible array of photographs taken on these travels, but also from official sources and the families. 

An immense book (both in research of content and in physical size, it's over 3kg), no other volume tells the story of Australia's Victoria Cross winners like this.

Author's Note
1. The Beginning
2. The Legacy
Sir Neville Howse VC KCB KCMG
Guy Wylly VC CB DSO
John Bisdee VC OBE
Frederick Bell VC
James Rogers VC
Leslie Maygar VC DSO VD
Albert Jacka VC MC and Bar
Clarence Jeffries VC
Leonard Keysor VC
William Symons VC
Alexander Burton VC
Frederick Tubb VC
William Dunstan VC
Alfred Shout VC MC
John Hamilton VC
Hugo Throssell VC
Wilbur Dartnell VC
William Jackson VC
Arthur Blackburn VC CMG CBE ED
John Leak VC
Thomas Cooke VC
Claud Castleton VC
Martin O'Meara VC
Henry Murray VC CMG DSO and Bar DCM
Francis McNamara VC CB CBE
Percy Cherry VC MC
Joergen Jensen VC
James Newland VC
Thomas Bede Kenny VC
John Whittle VC DCM
Charles Pope VC
George Howell VC MM
Rupert Moon VC
Robert Grieve VC
John Carroll VC
Reginald Inwood VC
Frederick Birks VC MM
John Dwyer VC
Patrick Bugden VC
Lewis McGee VC
Walter Peeler VC BEM
Stanley McDougall VC MM
Percy Storkey VC
Clifford Sadlier VC
William Ruthven VC
Phillip Davey VC MM
Thomas Axford VC MM
Henry Dalziel VC
Walter Brown VC DCM
Albert Borella VC MM
Alfred Gaby VC
Robert Beatham VC
Percy Statton VC MM
William Donovan Joynt VC
Lawrence Dominic McCarthy VC
Bernard Gordon VC MM
George Cartwright VC ED
Albert Lowerson VC
Alexander Buckley VC
William Currey VC
Arthur Hall VC
Robert Mactier VC
Edgar Towner VC MC
Lawrence Weathers VC
Maurice Buckley VC DCM
James Woods VC
John Ryan VC
Joseph Maxwell VC MC and Bar DCM
George Ingram VC MM
lair Wark VC DSO
Arthur Sullivan VC
Samuel Pearse VC MM
John Edmondson VC
Sir Arthur Roden Cutler VC AK KCMG KCVO CBE
Sir Hughes Edwards VC KCMG CB DSO OBE DFE
James Gordon VC
Charles Anderson VC MC
Arthur Gurney VC
Bruce Kingsbury VC
John French VC
William Kibby VC
Percival Gratwick VC
Rawdon Middleton VC
William Newton VC
Richard Kelliher VC
Thomas Derrick VC DCM
Reginald Rattey VC
Albert Chowne VC MM
John Mackey VC
Edward Kenna VC
Leslie Starcevich VC
Frank Partridge VC
Kevin Wheatley VC
Peter Badcoe VC
Ray Simpson VC DCM
Keith Payne VC AM KSJ
Mark Donaldson VC
Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC MG
Daniel Keighran VC
Cameron Baird VC MG

"This book is a magnificent illustration so well documented of the bravery of the every day man in war time. It shows that men from all walks of life rich or poor, professional or labourer put their life on the line under extreme danger with no thought of their own safety . I love this book. Am not an avid reader but could not put this down." - J.D., review on

"Loved it! Amazing amount of work in research & pulling all the information & photos together, author has to congratulated. A copy should be in EVERY library in the country!" - G.J., review on

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The Victoria Cross: Australia Remembers


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