The Sydney Harbour Bridge: 75 Fascinating Facts

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 160 pages
Author: P. Luck
Year: 2006
ISBN: 9781741102970
Other: b&w & colour photos
Publisher: New Holland Press

Did you know that the arch alone of the bridge weighs nearly 40,000 tonnes? Or that during construction more than 100,000 rivets were regarded as faulty by the inspectors, and had to be cut out an replaced. Or that there were no safety nets for the workers, and eight men fell to their deaths during the building of the bridge. To stress-test the bridge, 92 steam engines were driven on to the tracks on the bridge - if it had failed half of the New South Wales railways would have been lost as well as the bridge. Did you know that detonator positions were marked on the bridge to blow it up if the Japanese or Germans has successfully invaded Sydney in WWII.

'The Sydney Harbour Bridge: 75 Fascinating Facts' contains answers to all of these, and so many more, such as What was the name the RSL wanted the bridge to be called? What was the first car to cross the bridge and who was driving it? How many people turned out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bridge? What are the towers on the bridge used for? How much was the toll to cross the bridge? What was the maximum number of employees at any one time employed to help construct the bridge?

For anyone wanting to know the history of this amazing Australian landmark, this little book is ideal. Well illustrated with beautiful colour photographs, each with a factual vignette, it commemorates 75 years of Australia’s history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was opened on March 19 1932.

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge: 75 Fascinating Facts


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