The Story of Ireland: A Narrative of Irish History from the Earliest Ages to the Insurrection of 1867

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (650 pages)
Author: A. Sullivan
Year: (1887) 2012
ISBN: 9781846305917
Publisher: Archive CD Books Ireland

Originally published in 1867, this is the 1884 'American edition' of The Story of Ireland, which was first published by Henry McElroy in Providence Rhode Island in 1884. This American edition of the Story of Ireland is fully titled The Story of Ireland; A Narrative of Irish History, From the Earliest Ages to the Insurrection of 1867. Written for the Youth of Ireland by Alexander M. Sullivan, M.P., with a Supplementary Sketch of Later Events by James Luby. Illustrated with Numerous Sketches. Containing 650 printed pages, this edition is republished here on fully-searchable CD-ROM.

The Story of Ireland was written by Alexander Martin Sullivan (1830-1884), an Irish politician, journalist and lawyer. Together with his elder brother, Timothy Daniel Sullivan, they turned The Nation, the mouthpiece of the Young Ireland movement, into one of the most influential organs of Irish nationalism between 1861 and his death in 1884. Sullivan served twice a Member of Parliament, first for Louth and in 1880 for Meath, taking over the seat from Charles Stewart Parnell. On his death Sullivan was succeeded as Member of Parliament for Meath by Michael Davitt. Sullivan was also a prominent lawyer and Queen's Council. He last memorable case was the defence of Patrick O'Donnell for the murder of the British informer, James Carey. The Story of Ireland includes many pen and ink sketches of the Irish nationalist acquaintances of Sullivan, including John Mitchel and Michael Davitt and towards the end of the publication a sketch of Patrick O'Donnell. The Story of Ireland was originally published when Sullivan was serving time in jail for the nationalist sentiments published by him and his brother in The Nation and this American Edition of the publication was issued at the time of Sullivan's death. Sullivan's belief in the Irish nationalist cause was continued by his son, also A. M. Sullivan, who like his father became a prominent lawyer, most famously defending Roger Casement for treason in 1916.

Alexander Sullivan's intentions for writing and publishing The Story of Ireland were made manifest in his author's note to the first edition. In this he states that 'this little book is written for young people' 'who deserve more attention than has hitherto been paid them by our Irish book writers' and it was to them and 'the Irish nation of the future' that The Story of Ireland was dedicated. Sullivan does his 'little book' a disservice; packed with fascinating narrative accounts of the major political events in Irish history, from the the then earliest known periods of Irish history down to the failed Rising of 1867, Sullivan's style is both both personal and informative, which make for both an interesting and easy read. Containing eighty-eight chapters of narrative on such events as the arrival of the Danes, the Battle of Clontarf and the death of Brian Boru, the establishment of the Anglo-Normans in Ireland, the Rebellion of Silken Thomas, the Reformation, King James and King William in Ireland, the Battle of the Boyne, the Irish in Exile, 1798, the Union, the Rise of O'Connell, the Famine and 1867 are to name just a few. This Edition includes a supplement written by James Luby, which narrates the events of the 1867 Fenian Rising, the Rise and Fall of the Land League and concludes with the Phoenix Park Murders. Replete with many pen-and-ink sketches of prominent Irish nationalist and written by one of their own, The Story of Ireland is an insight to the political and historical worldview of 19th century Irish nationalism

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book. This CD has been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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The Story of Ireland: A Narrative of Irish History from the Earliest Ages to the Insurrection of 1867


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