The Reverend Richard Bradford (Family History)

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: G. McGibbon
Year: 2004
ISBN: 189733821X
Publisher: Archive CD Books Canada

The full title is: Glimpses of the Life and Work of the Reverend Richard Bradford as Scholar, School Principal, Chaplain Priest of the Church of England and S.P.G. Missionary by Grace D. McGibbon 1971. (Note: this is not Governor Bradford of the Massachusetts Colony)

Here is a great family history for anyone related to the Bradford family. The book is written as a record of the Rev. Richard Bradford (1752-1817) it also provides a very complete family tree descending through 3 generations. There is a wealth of information about Richard's life and times.

Probably his main claim to fame was his appointment as the first resident Protestant clergyman in the Ottawa Valley and much of the book is devoted to the time he spent in this office. After entering North America with a stay in the Catskill's in New York State, he took up his position in Lower Canada which involved a great deal of traveling. Most of his ministry took place in and around Chatham (in the County of York) on the Ottawa River, to the West of Montreal. There is, however, a record of a period during which he ministered to the soldiers and residents of William Henry (Sorel), on the St. Lawrence between Quebec City and Montreal. There is a lot of history of the Rev. Richard's works in the area so that many of the births, marriages and deaths at which he officiated are also recorded.

If you are related to the Bradford family or had Protestant ancestors living along the banks of the Ottawa river this is the book you need for your research.

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The Reverend Richard Bradford (Family History)


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