The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 796 pages
Author: V. Greenwood
Year: (2000) 2017
ISBN: 9780806320663
Other: 4th ed., index
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Company

In every field of study there is one book that rises above the rest in stature and authority and becomes the standard work in the field. In genealogy that book is Val Greenwood's 'Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy'. Arguably the best book ever written on American genealogy, it instructs the researcher in the timeless principles of genealogical research, while identifying the most current classes of records and research tools.

Research in family history has experience unprecedented changes since the year 20, when the 3rd edition of this book was published - changed surpassing anything that most of us ever dreamed of at that time. These changes have come about because of the significant technological advances that have greatly facilitated genealogy research.

This edition of The Researcher’s Guide has been completely updated, incorporating all the latest developments, principles, and resources relevant to family history research. There are now two chapters about technology as it relates to family history research–one dealing with significant concepts and definitions and the other with specific resources and applications, including major family history websites and Internet resources. In addition, virtually every chapter provides information on Internet websites pertinent to the subject discussed in that chapter.

However, despite the fact that the steps involving family history research are greatly facilitated and enhanced by modern technology, it is still essential to search all available records for all persons of your surname(s) of interest, and to carefully analyze and evaluate all the information you find to determine if and how it provides evidence that relates to your objectives. Good instructional guidance is critical to the success of family history research, and this is where The Researcher’s Guide is unsurpassed. It is both a textbook and an all-purpose reference book, designed to help the present generation of family history researchers better understand the methods and principles of family history research, and learn how to utilize all available resources. As Val Greenwood writes, “These are our ancestors we are talking about here; we owe it to them to get it right.”

This edition provides a clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date account of American genealogy–no sound genealogical project is complete without it.

Illustrations and Charts:

Part 1. Background to research
1. Understanding genealogical research
2. Familiar record practices: problems and terminology
3. Analyzing the pedigree and the place
4. Evaluation of evidence
5. An introduction to research tools: the library
6. An introduction to research tool: reference materials
7. Organizing and evaluating research findings
8. Successful correspondence
9. Computers in genealogy
10. Family history: goind beyong genealogy

Part 2. Records and their use
11. Compiled sources and newspapers
12. Vital records
13. Census returns
14. Using census returns
15. Understanding probate records and basic legal terminology
16. What about wills?
17. The intestate - miscellaneous probate records - guardianships
18. Government land: colonial and American
19. Local land records
20. Abstracting wills and deeds
21. Court records
22. Property rights of women as a consideration
23. Church records
24. American aids to finding the home of the immigrant ancestor
25. Military records: colonial wars and the American Revolution
26. Military records: after the Revolution
27. Cemetery and burial records

"Recommended as the most comprehensive how-to book on American genealogical and local history research." - Library Journal

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The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy

MSRP: $85.00
You save $30.00

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