The Parish Registers of England

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (348 pages)
Author: J. Cox
Year: (1910) 2010
Publisher: Anguline

Written by J. Charles Cox back in 1910, this book (which has now been digitised and put on CD) is a comprehensive guide to the history and contents of parish registers in England. It also full of amazing entries that have been found amongst the registers.
For instance, did you know that sometimes eclipses, comets and other phenomenon were recorded in the parish records? They were. Below are just a few sample interesting entries from the publication.

A valuable reference work for family, local and social historians. This CD is machine searchable, as is a digital version of the original books, in PDF format. Viewable on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Foundling baptism entry
"Ellenore Temple, being so named, found in the Middle Temple, bas baptized on the 7th June 1700"

Death entries
"1720 (St. Michael le Belfry, York). Bur. John Brookes, the first Hackney coachman, February 26th"
"1814 (Long Buckby, Northants). Edith Freeman, who from an obstinate temper kept to her bed 44 years, relict of the Revd George Greeman LL.D., buried 21 January, aged 74"

Burial entries
"1731 (Lastonfield, Staffs). Jan 5. Margery Baddely of Hope, said to have been 107 years old, bur."
"1615 (Weedon-Beck, Northants) William Radhouse the elder dying excommunicate was buryed by stealth in the night time in the churchyard 29 Jan. Wherefore the church was interdicted for a fortnight."

Plague and other sickness entires
"1606, Dec. 16. Henry Renoulds was buryed Henry came from London, where he dwelt, sicke of the plague and being receyved by William Browne died in his house. The saide William soon after fell sicke of the plague and died and so did his sonne, his daughter, and his servant: only his wyfe and her mayde escaped with soars. The plague brought by this means to Peterburgh continuod there till September following."
"1650, June (St. Chad's, Shrewsbury) The Plaige began in Shrowsbure the 12th June in Fronkwell at John Pounds hoose Thomas Heayes Esqr Maior of Shrowsbury."

Storms, Frosts and Fires entries
"1763 (Hunton, Kent). On nineteenth day of August this year happened a much greater storm of Thunder Wind Hail and Rain than in the year forty six. The hailstones bein Six and Seven Inches round."
"1612 (Barnstaple, Devon). In the yere of Or Lorde God 1612, in the 5th day of the monethe of Auguste was thed towne of Teverton burned the second tyme with fyer to the number of 260 dwellynge houses. Mr Pentecost Doddridge, Mayor of Barnstaple."

1. Acts of Parliament and Canons
2. The Story of the Registers
3. Changes in Religious Formulaties
4. Baptisms
5. Chrisom Children, Foundlings, etc.
6. Marriages
7. Burials
8. Accidents
9. The Plagues and Other Sickness
10. Historical
11. Storms, Frosts and Fires
12. Olla Podrida
13. The Dates and Conditions of the Registers
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4

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Adobe Reader 6 or later is recommended for CDs with searchable text


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The Parish Registers of England


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