The Making of Ireland and its Undoing 1200-1600

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Year: (1908) 2014
ISBN: 9781846301209
Publisher: Archive CD Books Ireland

Alice Stopford Green's The Making of Ireland and its Undoing: 1200-1600 was published in London in 1908 and concerns itself with the period spanning the two centuries after the Norman conquest of Ireland and end of the Tudor dynasty and posits the theory the some two-hundred years after the Norman invasion something more than an accommodation had been made with the invaders; indeed, by the onset of the Tudor dynasty and Henry VIII's ruinous Irish designs Gaelic Ireland, the Anglo-Normans and the later Anglo-Irish had coalesced to form a new confident and vibrant Ireland.

This Ireland, was far from the barbarism, the 'miserable estate' and 'rude people' that Henry would have history believe, in fact far from it, and it was for Ireland's success and not its backwardness that Henry and later his daughter Elizabeth I had to undo their closet economic, cultural and political rival.

Republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom, this title is full of fascinating detail on the progress of Ireland over 400 years and is a must for anyone interested in Irish history.

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The Making of Ireland and its Undoing 1200-1600


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