The Loch Ard Disaster

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 78 pages
Author: J. Loney
Year: 1993
ISBN: 095998531X
Other: b&w photos, map, appendix,
Publisher: Marine History Publications

On one coly June morning more than 100 years ago, the iron clipper 'Loch Ard' met her doom on Mutton Bird Island near Port Campbell. She left an Irish girl and a young ship's apprentice as the only survivors; a shipwreck which gave its name to the Loch Ard Gorge, today, a focal point for tourists and divers on the rugged Victorian west coast.

After lying undisturbed for more than eighty years, the remain of the vessel were re-discovered, but unfortunately, the development of the aqualung made the wreck accessible to many people. Some of these were no more than underwater vandals, and their use of explosives to retrieve artefacts caused irreparable damage to the ships and its contents.

For maritime enthusiasts, and lovers of nostalgia, the 'Loch Ard' remains the ultimate, with a continuous flood of letters and questions concerning the ship and its passengers further heightening the mystique surrounding the wreck. In this tenth edition, the text, except for updating supplements, and minor corrections, remain unaltered, but the inclusion of more illustrations greatly enhances the story.

Chapter 1. The Tragic Loch Line
Chapter 2. A Hostile Coast
Chapter 3. The Ship is Doomed
Chapter 4. Grisly Aftermath
Chapter 5. Salvage
Chapter 6. The Hero
Chapter 7. Ninety Years On
Chapter 8. Biographical Sketches
Chapter 9. Visitor's Guide
Appendix A. List of Crew and Passengers
Appendix B. Profits Earned by the 'Loch Ard'
Appendix C. Cargo
Appendix D. Rig
Appendix E. Details of 'S.S. Napier'
Appendix F. Voyages of the 'Loch Ard'
Appendix G. Brevities of Interest
Appendix H. Letters Relating to the Wreck
Appendix I. Tom Pearce's Evidence
Appendix J. Diving Notes

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The Loch Ard Disaster


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