The Historical Atlas of the British Isles

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 224 pages
Author: I. Barnes
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781848844995
Other: colour maps, bibliog, index
Publisher: Pen & Sword

This atlas covers the history of the British Isles from earliest times to the present day. The first hunter-gatherers, who crossed into what would become our familiar islands by the 'landbridge', and later followed by more familiar peoples – the Celts, Angles, Saxons, Vikings and Normans, who together would create our islands' unique history. Each contributed ideas which shaped our lands, languages and thoughts that are at the core of our identities to this day.

This story is illustrated with 150 full-colour maps and plans that range across many topics, such as agricultural, political and industrial revolutions. This book shows the expansion of our islands' peoples across the oceans and the lasting legacy that movement left on the world and on our home islands. We show the fluctuating fortunes of the states we now identify ourselves by, from an Anglo-Scottish imperium to devolved power, independence and the often painful process by which the modern map of our islands evolved. The forces of history and religion divided the islands' peoples but our DNA unites us much more than most would realise – the islands have gone on to embrace new cultures that have come to seek refuge, opportunity and equality – this is a peoples' history.

"The Historical Atlas of the British Isles" is a completely unique insight into the history, formation and expansion of the British Isles, from the first settlers in 9000 BC, the Viking Invasions and the Battle of Hastings to the Wars of the Roses, the Great Fire of London and the First and Second World Wars. With a wealth of specially commissioned colour maps illustrating each iconic period of history, this book is a must for all historical enthusiasts.

Early Peoples
Skara Brae, Orkney
Stone Circles and Henges
First Farmers
Epoch of the Celts
The Stamp of Rome
Invasion AD 43-83
Revolt of the Iceni
Londonium - Provincial Capital
Roman Occupation and Rule
Britain's Trade with the Empire
Rome's Retreat in the West
An Imperfect Empire
The Saxon Shore
Invasions - Briton c.AD 550
Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms c.500-770
Viking Raiders
Viking Settlements
The Making of England
Scotland's Peoples
Ireland and Wales - 6th-8th Century
England in 1066
Norman Invasion
Normans in Ireland and Scotland
Norman Domination of Country Life
The Normans in Britain and Europe
Castles and Estates
Church and State
The Anvegin Empire 1150-1214
Kingdoms and Princes
Feudal State
Holy Places and Pilgrimages
The Woolsack - England's Wealth
The Black Death
The Reign of Edward I
Usurper: Richard II and Bolingbroke
The Hundreds Years' War
The War of the Roses
Revolts and Risings
Economies and Populations 1200-1400
Towns and Cities
Border Lordship
Elizabethan Rule
Scottish Reformation
Reformation in Europe 1520-1600
Elizabethan Ireland
English Emigration
King or Parliament - Civil Wars
Cromwell's Republic
The American Colonies
The Great Fire and Reconstruction 1666
'Glorious Revolutions'1660-1707
Ireland and Scotland 1690-1715
Global War
Britons Abroad
Colonies in Rebellion
The Risings of 1715 and 1745
The British Empire in 1707
Radicalism and Rebellion - Ireland 1790s
Industrial Revolution- Canals
The British Empire in 1800
Eastern Imperial Ambitions 1798-1815
Naval Engagements 1793-1815
Napoleonic Wars
Trade and Industry
The British Empire in 1850
Irish Famine and Emigration
Britain's Asian Emigration
The Railways 1829-1890
Imperial Rivals
Cities 1800-1900
On the Eve of War
World War I - Battlefronts 1914
Irish Easter Rising 1916
Battlefronts 1917-18
Europe 1919-22
Irish Separation 1918-22
The 1926 General Strike and the Great Depression
Re-armament 1936-37
World War II
The Battle of Britain
Holding Out
Bomber Command in World War II
The End of the Axis
Britain and Post-War Europe
Baby Boomers and Population Movement
The European Union
Ulster Says No!
Immigration and Diversity
Kings and Queens
Prime Ministers

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The Historical Atlas of the British Isles


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