The Gold Rush: The Fever That Forever Changed Australia

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 512 pages
Author: D. Hill
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9781864711301
Other: maps, bibliog, index
Publisher: William Heinemann Australia

From the mid to late 1800s, Australia experienced a series of staggering gold rushes that would forever change the course of its history. People from all corners of the globe and all walks of life, including future prime ministers of Great Britain and Australia, threw off their previous pursuits and made the often perilous journey to the goldfields, from where they would return either fabulously wealthy or demoralised and broken - if they returned at all.

Many of the prospectors achieved a fame or notoriety that would long outlive them, such as Edward Hargraves, who won the race to find the first payable gold in New South Wales, Lol Montez, whose sensual 'Spider Dance' caused outrage and delight in equal measure, Lord Percy Douglas, the elder brother of Oscar Wilde's famed lover Bosie, who was forced to return to England to raise further funds before his partner, Carnegie, finally struck gold, and Herbert Hoover, who managed the Sons of Gwalia mine in Western Australia at the age of 22.

David Hill brings the prople and events of Australia's great goldrush years brilliantly to life, using the diaries, journals, books, letters, official reports, parliamentary enquiries, and newspaper articles of the time, along with his own renowned skills as a master storyteller.

Map of Australia's Gold Regions
1. Hargreaves
2. Sydney: The First Rush
3. A Bigger Rush in Victoria
4. The World Joins the Rush
5. Life on the Goldfields
6. The Eureka Rebellion
7. The Chinese
8. The Gold Rush Spreads
9. Law and Disorder
10. Queensland Joins the Rush
11. The Palmer River
12. The Wild West
13. Lasseter's Lost Reef

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The Gold Rush: The Fever That Forever Changed Australia


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