The Gilbert Family History Collection (8 volumes)

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Year: 2007
Publisher: Archive CD Books Canada

This is a family history "compiled and edited" by Geoffrey Gilbert, and privately published by him in the 1950's. Mr. Gilbert adopted a somewhat unusual format for organizing his history by combining elements of both the "Ancestors" and "Descendants" methodologies and then focusing the histories on his Great Great Grandparents, identifying both their ancestors and their descendants.

By selecting this particular generation as his focus he allows himself to concentrate his history on the family's story within North America specifically ignoring the histories of those in Britain where most of the families previously originated from. This reduces the number of G-G-Grandparents for consideration, from the potential 16, to 12 individuals. This number is further reduced, by the circumstance of some of the ancestral unions, to 9 individual / family histories.

The set of volumes actually provides the histories of only 8 G-G-Grandparents and our research has failed to show any evidence that the ninth volume was actually ever written. Click on the More information link below for the individual volume titles.

The whole text of all volumes is fully text searchable and has been further enhanced for almost instantaneous searches with our FastFind enhancement technology.

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The Gilbert Family History Collection (8 volumes)


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