The Genealogist's Pocket Library

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: C. Bernau
Year: (1908-1910)
Publisher: Anguline

This series of eight titles was published by Chas A. Bernau between 1908 and 1910.

1: Some Special Studies in Genealogy
- American Emigrants (How to trace their English ancestry)
- The Quaker Records
- The Genealogy of the Submerged
2: Chancery Proceedings
- What they are, and where they are
- What they contain
- Means of reference
3: Royal Descents: Scottish Records
- How to trace a descent from royalty
- The Scottish Records
4: The Churchyard Scribe
- On recording inscriptions in a churchyard or burial ground
- Hints on reading apparently illegible inscriptions
- Typical and authentic examples
5: Quarter Sessions and Seize Quartiers, etc.
- From the records of Quarter Sessions
- Seize Quartiers and Ascending Pedigrees
- The Records of Patented Inventions
6: The Genealogist's Legal Dictionary
7: The Parish Register
- Marriages, Weddings, Matrimoniae, Nuptiae, etc.
- Baptsims, Baptismata, Baptizata, Renata, Chrystenings, etc.
- Burials, Sepulta, Funera, Exequiae, Interments, etc.
- Baptismal Names
8: Records of Naval Men
- Secretary: In and Out Letters.
- Secretary: Miscellaneous.
- Secretary: Returns of Officers' etc.
- Naval Board
- Accountant General
9. Greenwich Hospital
10. Marine Office

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The Genealogist's Pocket Library


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