The Fight for Australia: From Changi and Darwin to Kokoda

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 512 pages
Author: R. Perry
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780733639111
Other: map, bibliog, index
Publisher: Hachette Australia

In the dark days following the fall of Singapore in February 1942, Australia faced its toughest battle yet. It was centrestage and under direct attack from seemingly invincible Japanese forces. Winston Churchill was demanding our best battle-hardened troops stay in North Africa while President Roosevelt called for them to fight the Japanese in Burma. But Prime Minister John Curtin insisted, in an act of defiance, that they return to defend their homeland.

In this masterful and gripping account, Roland Perry brings to life the bravery of our fellow Australians: from the forces engaged in brutal frontline fighting in the jungle, sea and air, to the backroom strategic campaigns waged by our politicians, and the sacrifices made on the home front.

Part 1: Japan's Mass Attack, December 1941-June 1942
1. Curtin Up
2. Same Peas, Different Pods
3. Wise Council
4. Tugs of War
5. The Sinking of Innocence
6. Mass Attack
7. Blow to the Admiralty
8. No Holiday for Nippon
9. Push to Invade Australia
10. Evatt and Curtin Blunder; Churchill's Wrath
11. Article of Intent
12. America's China Card
13. Cable Bickering; Japan's First Setback
14. Malaya Falling
15. Anderson's Last Stand
16. Churchill's About Face; Fall of Rabaul
17. The Lull Before

Part 2. Australia Under Siege, February 1942
18. Singapore's Siege
19. Yamashita's Moment
20. Operation Australia
21. Aftershock
22. Attack on Darwin
23. A Sense of Isolation
24. The Prime Minister Goes Missing
25. Japan's Army v Its Navy
26. Japanese Base at Lae

Part 3. MacArthur and Blamey in Australia, March-June 1942
27. MacArthur Parks in Australia
28. Meeting the Australians
29. Blamey in the Mix
30. Blamey v MacArthur - the Record
31. Of Doubtful Character
32. Taking Care of the Rest
33. Second Enemy Surge
34. Battle of the Coral Sea
35. Midget Rampage
36. MacArthur's Blunt Message
37. Midway
38. 'Australia is Secure'
39. Over-Sexed and Over Here
40. Essential Essington

Part 4. Battle for Australia, July-September 1942
41. Japan's Second Thrust
42. 39th in Trouble
43. Setbacks and Success
44. Papua: War on Two Fronts
45. The Fighting Withdrawal
46. Marvels at Milne Bay
47. Austerity Campaign
48. Potts' Last Stand
49. Rout of Maroubra Force
50. Last Razorback Stand
51. 'Canberra's Lost It'
52. Horii's Horrible Dilemma

Part 5. Japanese Retreat, October-December 1942
53. Rowell's Howler
54. Reversal of Fortune
55. The Battle for Euro Creek
56. Blamey Fires Potts, Allen
57. Kokoda Won; Massacre at Gorari
58. Blamey's Rabbits
59. Silence of a Mountain Gun
60. US Navy's 'No Show'
61. The Battle of Brisbane
62. Escalation
63. Gona: 'Going, Going ...'
64. Tanks for the Advantage

Part 6. Battle for Australia, 1943
65. Buna Busted
66. Sanananda Sorrow
67. War and Opportunity
68. The Japanese Keep Coming
69. Saviage Turn of Events
70. Red Herring
71. Curtin's Electoral Appeal
72. Saviage Sets Up Fourth Victory in Papua, New Guinea
73. Post-Election Spoils
74.More than 'Mopping Up'
75. Menzies Thwarted; Finschhafen Sorted
76. Sattelberg Breakthrough
77. The PM's Many War Fronts

Part 7. Battle for Japan, 1944
78. Reluctant Voyager
79. Meeting Roosevelt
80. Rendezvous with the Bulldog
81. Churchill's at Chequers
82. MacArthur Dumps the Diggers
84. The Forgotten POWs
85. MacArthur's Farewell; Savage's Way of War
86. The Comeback
87. Curtin Down; MacArthur Makes Running

Part 8. Japan Defeated, 1945
88. Curtin Recovers
89. Borneo Blunders
90. Beyond the Call
91. Last Call

92. Japan Capitulates

93. At the Centre




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The Fight for Australia: From Changi and Darwin to Kokoda


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