The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 310 pages
Author: K. Powell
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781440570681
Other: 3rd ed.
Publisher: Adams Media

Thanks to the overwhelming number of genealogical record available online today, it's never been easier to trace your family history and find your roots. But where do you begin?

With all that information, it can be impossible to know where to start! In this 3rd edition of 'The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy' genealogy expert Kimberley Powell guides you through the process of finding your ancestors,  helping you: 

 - effectively search various websites
 - decipher census data and other online records
 - choose the best way to share data with family members
 - connect with other genealogists through social media

Packed with tips on using free databases, new websites, and a growing number of genealogy apps, 'The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy'

Please note: as this is a US published book, many of the examples are US related.

1. Click into your past
 - Family tree basics
 - Plan your project
 - Collect information
 - Evaluate your evidence
 - Organize the search
 - Record your progress
 - Document your findings
2. Begin backward
 - Interview yourself
 - Rummage through the attic
 - Question your family members
 - Has is already been done?
 - From one generation to the next
3. Lear how to search
 - Search engine basics
 - Database search strategies
 - Get creative with names
 - Connect with living kin
 - More search tools and tactics
 - Find the right tree in the forest
 - Spread the wealth
4. Online starting points
 - What is and is not online
- Find family at FamilySearch
 - Explor more free databases
 - Seek our subscription sites
 - Discover history at the National Archives
 - Look at the Library of Congress
 - Search State libraries and archives
5. Dig into death records
 - A good place to begin
 - Search for obituaries
 - Social Securities Death Index
 - Death certificates and online index
 - Visit virtual cemeteries and funeral homes
6. Check the census
 - The US Federal Census
 - Access census images and indexes online
 - Census research tips and caveats
 - Follow census clues to new records
 - Special and State Censuses
 - Utitize census alternatives
 - Put it into practice
7. Hunt down the family
 - Marriage and divorce records
 - Birth and baptismal records
 - Unearth wills and estate records
 - Chase down court records
 - Identify adoptions and orphans
8. Look local
 - Maps and geography
 - Land and property records
 - Historical newspapers
 - Libraries and societies
 - Churches and schools
9. Mine the web for military records
 - Find clues to military service
 - Compiled military service records
 - Pensions and Bounty Land Warrants
 - Discover Revolutionary and Civil War ancestors
 - Bone up on military history
10. A nation of immigrants
 - Find the birthday of your immigrant ancestor
 - Plunge into passenger lists
 - Natiuralization recordS
 - Ethnic research
 - Put into practice
11. Research out to others
 - Make the most of boards and lists
 - Ferret out family trees
 - Ask the right way
 - Share your research
 - Take a class
 - Connect with the pros
12. Dig deeper
 - Books, magazines and blogs
 - Occupational records
 - Membership organizations
 - Photos and postcards
 - SNA and genetic genealogy
13. Locate record abroad
 - A nation of immigrants
 - Canada
 - Mexico, Central America and South America
 - British Isles
 - The Rest of Europe
 - Australia and New Zealand
- Asia and Africa
14. Putting to all together
 - Evaluate what you've found
 - Protect your family history from disaster
 - Publish your family history
 - Dos and don'ts of online genealogy
 - See it in action
Appendix A. Further reading
Appendix B. Examples of family trees
Appensix C. Genealogical standards

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The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy


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