The Criminal

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (394 pages)
Year: (1895) 2010
Publisher: Anguline

The Criminal was written by Havelock Ellis in 1895, and provides "a critical summary of the new (in 1895) science of criminal anthropology". It is a useful insight into the way society viewed criminals. 

The Preface begins ... "This little book is an attempt to present to the English reader a critical summary of the results of the science now commonly called criminal anthropology. In other words, it deals briefly with the problems connected with the criminal as he in is himself and as he becomes in contact with society; it also tries to indicate some of the practical social bearings of such studies."

A digital version of the whole book in PDF format, and it is also fully searchable. Viewable on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

1. Introduction
2. The Study of the Criminal
3. Criminal Anthropology (Physical)
 - Cranial and Cerebral Characteristics
 - The Face
 - Anomalies of the Hair
 - Criminal Physiognomy
 - The Body and Viscera
 - Heredity
 - Tattooing
 - Motor Activity
 - Physical Sensibility
4. Criminal Anthropology (Psychical)
 - Moral Insensibility
 - Intelligence
 - Vanity
 - Emotional Instability
 - Sentiment
 - Religion
 - Thieves' Slang
 - Prison Inscriptions
 - Criminal Literature and Art
 - Criminal Philosophy
5. The Results of Criminal Anthropology
6. The Treatment of the Criminal
7. Conclusions
Appendix A. Explanation of Plates
Appendix B. The Congress of Criminal Anthropology at Paris
Appendix C. The International Association of Penal Law
Appendix D. Some Cases of Criminality
Appendix E. Elmira

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The Criminal


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