The Book of the Duffs - CD

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Media: Data CD
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PDF, 60MB (2 vols, 742 pages)
Author: A. Tayler & H. Tayler
Year: (1914) 2009
ISBN: 9781742226354
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

Written in 1914 by Alistair and Henrietta Tayler, this two volume history aims at providing a record, complete as far as possible, of those Scotsmen who have borne, and now bear, the name of Duff, giving the legendary lore connected with this family (even though some of it may be discredited by modern historians), as well as a full personal history of those Duffs who have distinguished themselves in any way (and brief mention of the others), with their intermarriages and their matrimonial connections with other families.

It includes numerous illustrations and charts and provides a very comprehensive and well annotated history of the family from ancient times:

Volume 1 – Legendary History; Duffs of Muldavit; John Duff, of the family of Muldavit; Adam Duff of Clunybeg; Alexander Duff of Keithmore; Alexander Duff of Braco; William Duff of Braco; William Duff of Dipple; William Duff, Lord Braco and First Earl Fife; Children of William Duff, Lord Braco and First Earl Fife; James Duff, Second Earl Fife; Alexander Duff, Third Earl Fife; James Duff, Fourth Earl Fife; Sir Alexander Duff of Delgaty and His Sons, the Fifth Earl Fife and Hon George Duff; The Duke of Fife; Duffs of Hatton; Captain George Duff RN; Duffs of Mayen; Younger Sons of Patrick Duff of Craigston

Volume 2 – Duffs of Fetteresso; Duffs of Corsindae; Duffs of Torriesoul; Provost William Duff; Alexander Duff of Drummuir; John Duff of Culbin and His Descendants the Later Duffs of Drummuir; Muirtown Family; Duffs of Crombie and Duff Gordons; George Duff of Edindiach and His Descendants; Elgin Duffs in London; Duffs of Bade and Cairnwhelp; The Family of ‘Tiger Duff’ of Carnousie; The Daughters of Alexander Duff of Braco and Grant Duffs; Wharton Duffs of Orton; Family of Sir James Duff of Kinstair; Ministers of the Duff Family; Perthshire Duffs; Families Connected with the Duffs: Gordons of Park, Urquharts, Abercrombies, and Morisons; Notes on the Heraldry of the Duff Family; Miscellaneous Notes on the family, and on Duffs Unconnected or Unidentified

This CD contains high quality scanned images of both volumes of the original book, and has been bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.



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The Book of the Duffs - CD


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