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The Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate Volume 1: 1901-1929

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 496 pages
Author: A. Millar
Year: 2000
ISBN: 9780522849219
Other: b&w photos, appendixes, index
Publisher: Melbourne University Press

This book covers the period 1901-1929, the period in which the Parliament operated from Melbourne, and present short articles on Australia's senators during the first twenty nine years of the Federal Parliament.

The Dictionary provides a window on the colonial and post-colonial societies in which these ninety nine senators and their three clerks lived and worked. It explains how miners, merchants, constitutionalists, soldiers, printers, trade unionists, adventurers and pastoralists became senators, and how, in an essentially egalitarian society, they melded together as Australia's first federal parliamentarians.

An Australians celebrate the centenary of Federation, 'The Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate' tells of the senators' work as legislators during a period when Australia was making a unique contribution to democracy itself, and reveals the excitement felt by those of all political persuasions as they shaped the beginnings of an Australian nation.

The contribution of these senators to Australia public life was immense. Some, such as the federationists, John Downer, Thomas Playford, William Trenwith, Simon Fraser, Josiah Symon and William Zeal, retain some elements of notoriety. Others, such as the South Australian farmer, William Russell, or Charles Montague Graham, a tailor on the Western Australian goldfields, were soon forgotten, even in their own time.

'The Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate' reveal to a new generation the influence and the significance of these early federal parliamentarians.

Advisory Board
New South Wales Senators
Queensland Senators
South Australian Senators
Tasmanian Senators
Victorian Senators
Western Australian Senators
Clerks of the Senate
Appendix 1. Elections and Parliaments
Appendix 2. Presidents of the Senate
Appendix 3. Chairmen of Committees in the Senate
Appendix 4. Leaders of the Government in the Senate
Appendix 5. Leaders of the Opposition in the Senate
Appendix 6. Ministerial Representation in the Senate and the House of Representatives
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The Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate Volume 2: 1929-1962

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