The Art of Heraldry: An Encyclopaedia of Armory

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Media: DATA CD - 4 CDs
Author: A. Fox-Davies
Year: (1904) 2003
ISBN: 1861505779
Publisher: S&N Genealogy

Heraldry can be seen everywhere, from stained glass to pub signs. It is a fascinating art with special rules and methods, a system of symbols denoting prominent families and institutions, a display of pageantry, and an invaluable aid to understanding history and genealogy.

This four-CD set, a facsimile of the major classic work by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, which was published in book form in 1904 contains not only a large number of illustrations, but also the meaning of each individual item on a coat of arms.

From the blurb: "... has been described as the most lush and comprehensive book on armory ever published ... without equal ... a classic in literature of heraldry ... essentially a scholarly work, containing chapters covering every imaginable aspect of armory ... the work is probably the most sought after book on armory in the world."

This is the most valuable sourcebook for British heraldry to have been published, covering nearly all aspects of the art in Britian and giving coverage to European heraldry as well, and is now available in an affordable CD edition, complete with hundreds of both black and white sketches, and full colour plates.

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book. Pages can searched by whole or part name, and the CDs are booked for easier navigation.

CD 1:
1. The Origin of Armory
2. Heraldry and Numismatics
3. The Status and Meaning of a Coat of Arms in Great Britain
4. The Heralds and Officers of Arms
5. English Heraldic Effigies
6. Heraldic Brasses
7. The Wearing of Arms
8. The Component Part of an Achievement
9. The Shield
10. The Field of a Shield and the Heraldic Tinctures
11. The Rules of Blazon
12. Plates IX and X
13. The So-Called Ordinaries and Sub-Ordinaries
14. The Human Figure in Heraldry

CD 2:
15. The Heraldic Lion
16. Beasts
17. Monsters
18. Birds
19. Fish
20. Reptiles
21. Insects
22. Trees, Leaves, Fruits and Flowers
23. Inanimate Objects
24. The Heraldic Helmet
25. The Crest
26. Crowns and Coronets
27. Crest Coronets and Chapeaux

CD 3:
28. The Mantling or Lambrequin
29. The Torse, or Wreath
30. Supporters
31. The Compartment
32. Mottoes
33. Badges
34. Heraldic Flags and Banners
35. Marks of Cadency
36. Marks of Bastardy

CD 4:
37. The Marshalling of Arms
38. The Armorial Insignia of Knighthood
39. The Armorial Bearings of a Lady
40. Official Heraldic Insignia
41. Augmentations of Honour
42. The Union Jack
43. The Artistic Development of Heraldry
44. Ecclesiastical Heraldry
45. Arms of Dominion and Sovereignty
46. Examples of the Arms of Towns
47. Coats of Arms of Societies and Corporations
48. The Armorial Manuscripts of Scotland
49. Modern English Heraldic Art
50. Living Heraldic Artists and Bookplate Designers in Great Britain
51. Funeral Hatchments and Memorial Slabs
52. "Seize-Quarters": Proof of Ancestry
53. Heraldic Illumination
Synoptical Index
Index of Proper Names

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The Art of Heraldry: An Encyclopaedia of Armory

MSRP: $62.00
You save $17.00

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