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Tell Me Everything Grandad, Please!

Publisher: Tell Me Everything

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 58 pages
Author: T. Wale
Year: 2014
Publisher: Tell Me Everything

Save your anecdotal family history, stories and emotions to be enjoyed by generations that follow.

This unique journal provides every grandfather the opportunity to record their stories, thoughts and emotions through words, photos and drawings, forever by passing it on to a grandchild. (Aimed at primary school age).

A record of your personal journey that will be treasured for generations to come.

Containing questions covering growing up, school, parents, meeting "grandma", advice for the next generation and other anecdotes, this book is pages that you can fill in. There's also space for you to add in documents and photos.

Tell me where your family came from Grandad
Did you know your Grandparents Grandad?
Grandad, did you know your Dad? Tell me about your Dad
Please tell me about your Mum and Dad
It's about you now Grandad, and don't forget anything, please
Grandad, where did you grow up?
Grandad, was your mum a good cook?
Grandad, please tell me about your toys and the games you liked to play
Grandad, please tell me about your primary school
Grandad, what secondary school did you attend?
Grandad, did you have family rituals or special days you observed as a family?
Grandad, tell me about your family home
Grandad, what did you do when you left school?
Grandad, tell me about growing up
Tell me about your friends. Do you still see any of them?
Grandad this page is for you
Another chance to tell me what you were like as a child Grandad
Grandad, tell me about your teenage years
Grandad, how old were you when you left home?
Grandad, tell me about meeting Grandma
Grandad, did you and Grandma marry?
Grandad, did you work?
Grandad, tell me how you felt when you found out you were going to be a dad?
Grandad, tell me about your children, please
Grandad, tell me about Mum and Dad when they got together, please?
Thank you Grandad, now just a little more
Please tell me about the most amazing, exciting or happiest things you've done in your life so far
Grandad, who did you look up to when you were growing up?
Grandad, what are the biggest changes in the world you have seen in your lifetime?
Grandad, what do you like most about the modern world?  ... least?
What do you miss most about 'the olden days'?
Tell me how Australia and your life has changed Grandad, please?
One last thing, what do you wish most for the future of the world? ... and my future?

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